Safe, Efficient National Airspace Management Solutions

Efficiently Delivering The Future Of Air Traffic Flow Management

As the central means for administering the national airspace, FAA’s air traffic flow management systems must:

  • Maintain near-100% uptime and never unexpectedly go offline
  • Display predicted and real-time data on traffic demand and capacity across all relevant airspace and airports
  • Provide the FAA’s air traffic managers with the data they need, precisely when they need it, to make decisions balancing NAS access, efficiency, and capacities

Booz Allen builds, delivers, secures, and sustains vast, complex, never-fail systems, and we can modernize and transform such systems without disrupting day-to-day operations.

Our work in this arena includes:

  • Support across the entire lifecycle of FAA’s Acquisition Management System
  • Improvement of the resilience, performance, and safety of position, navigation, and timing systems
  • Support for the U.S. Air Force and Department of Defense’ Platform One, which includes providing mission-critical DevSecOps platforms for modernizing the F-35’s complex, geographically distributed, multivendor, multidomain, and multiplatform systems
  • Design and deployment of multiple AI models that use open-source data to track a multitude of objects in Earth’s orbit

Booz Allen’s commitment to human-centered design means that our systems modernization work is centered on the user. We deliver easy-to-use products that leverage automation and AI to relieve users of as much technical burden as possible, freeing them to focus on work that directly impacts mission outcomes. As part of that delivery, we provide the forums and guidance necessary to manage large-scale change, addressing not only the technical aspects of transformation but also the people and process pieces.

As a leader in modern software delivery for government missions, we leverage agile frameworks, DevSecOps, and AI-assisted software development to deliver and evolve capabilities rapidly, seamlessly, and efficiently.

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