Conquering Logistics in Space

The Solution

The needs of the ISS pose problems for most commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software, and require not only extensive subject matter expertise, but a personal touch. Many of Booz Allen’s solutions for assessing internal and external configuration require both 3D CAD and engineering expertise. For example, the MAVRIC team has developed its own mathematical techniques to calculate the projected area across complex geometries, motion envelopes for docking/departing visiting vehicles, and line of sight coverage visualizations from payloads or antennae. The team integrates COTS tools into its own custom applications, for the requirements verification to meet ISS needs.  

The Future

The MAVRIC team is looking to take our visualization into the virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) realm. This will assist in ISS crew and staff training, and allow for virtual fit checks to be performed anywhere using a portable laptop and VR/AR equipment. Additionally, MAVRIC has begun preliminary configuration analysis for the Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway, formerly the “Deep Space Gateway”, for deep space excursions.

The MAVRIC team members are trusted partners and relentless innovators who daily apply their collective ingenuity to helping both the ISS and Gateway programs achieve optimal performance and success. 

Experts in the Field