Your 3-Phase Roadmap to

Data Enablement

Modern life produces staggering quantities of data that federal agencies could and should use to better understand the world and improve the lives of its citizens. Challenges to accessing, sharing, and analyzing this data while preserving security and privacy mean that much of it goes unused, leaving an incredible strategic asset largely untapped. Properly applied, modern technology and data analysis techniques can change that, and they must—the future of humanity depends on it.

By 2025, IDC estimates there will be 175 zettabytes of data globally.*


(1 zettabyte has 21 zeros)

80 percent

of all data is unstructured

icons representing data

AND ...

90 percent

of unstructured data is never analyzed.*

Graph showing 80% of data is unstructured and 90% of unstructured data is never analyzed.

Agencies are at different stages along the data enablement journey, from gaining access to the right data to deploying fully mature AI tools to generate insights and the potential to revolutionize mission outcomes. Booz Allen can help navigate any and every phase.

Where Are You in Your DATA-ENABLEMENT Journey?


Generation, Infrastructure, and Managed Accessibility

Collect, generate, secure, and extend strategically governed access to mission-relevant data via modern data practices and advanced cloud infrastructure. 


Siloed data is the norm

Data governance is inconsistent

Addressable security concerns limit sharing


Data is treated as a managed product

Technical solutions extend access; preserve policy

Zero-trust architecture preserves security


Continuous Delivery of Modern, Data-Ready Software

Implement product management, DevSecOps, and software factories to deliver enterprisewide software-based, multistream data access and analysis capabilities.


Development is siloed

Interoperability is limited

Delivery is slowed by compounding inefficiencies


Software factories bring enterprise-level standardization

Developers freed from many rote tasks

Faster, seamless delivery of data tools


Building and Deploying Advanced AI Tools

Implement AIOps to build and deploy cutting-edge AI tools for advanced analysis, real-time insights, and predictive modeling.


Fragmented data ecosystems hamper analysis

AI development and operations are siloed

AI programs too often stall in pilot stage


Productized data fuels AI development and operations

AI models and analyses inform decisions

AIOps deliver AI capabilities enterprise-wide

From any phase in the journey, we can help you

Power Up Your

Data-Enabled Mission

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