Transforming Federal Cybersecurity

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A Blueprint for Achieving a Secure and Resilient .Gov 

Securing the .gov ecosystem against the challenges posed by an evolving and growing threat environment requires a transformational cybersecurity approach. Learn how Booz Allen’s federal cybersecurity framework creates a compelling vision for a secure and resilient .gov, facilitating enduring organization, modernization, and security for federal departments and agencies.

Deep Dive Analysis

A Vision for a Secure and Resilient .Gov 

Rebooting federal cybersecurity requires nuanced, structured analysis – rooted in an overarching framework – that facilitates a concrete picture for .gov cybersecurity maturity and resilience. This publication deep dives into Booz Allen’s federal cybersecurity framework, the associated vision state analysis for the .gov environment, and Booz Allen’s detailed, integrated roadmap by which federal cyber leaders can use this mission-forward framework to transform .gov cyber.