Booz Allen and Unity: A Strategic Partnership

booz and unity partnership logo
booz and unity partnership logo

Joining Forces: Booz Allen and Unity

To bring the power of digital twins to federal agencies securely, rapidly, and at scale, Booz Allen is partnering with Unity—a leading platform for creating and growing real-time 3D content. Blending Booz Allen’s mission expertise with Unity’s real-time 3D engine technology, we are creating a government-customized digital twin solution. We built this platform with Unity’s suite of products and Booz Allen’s digital twin engineering baselines and accelerators to speed deployment for clients while reducing risk. Our solution allows Booz Allen and Unity’s Government and Aerospace team to collaborate to help federal agencies rapidly develop digital twins at enterprise scale. 

Booz Allen unity Digital Twin This collaborative facility-based digital twin, built with Unity, allows stakeholders across the facility lifecycle to explore different layers of building information models (BIMs) as they conduct virtual site surveys and quickly and easily locate underground, unseen utilities infrastructure to inspect components and plan for future investments.

Together, we’re building and implementing the first secure, end-to-end digital twins on government infrastructure, with features that include:

  • 3D rendering and visualization capabilities using Unity’s real-time 3D products for industry
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled, human-centered digital twins
  • Adherence to federal standards and compliance requirements

Real-Time Impact and Opportunity

To achieve a unified and comprehensive experience, Booz Allen and Unity seamlessly orchestrate components across cybersecurity, systems integration, digital engineering, data management, platforms, and analytics and AI to rapidly generate powerful data insights for end users.

Through this highly flexible “system of systems,” we deliver multiple benefits to our clients:

  • Increased Data Transparency: With a human-centered platform, we help agencies build integrated simulations that make information accessible to many different users across a product or process lifecycle—not just to analysts or engineers. By democratizing data, and contextualizing it, stakeholders can collaborate in new ways, understand how their decisions impact the whole enterprise, and realize improved agility and resilience for mission advantage.
  • Accelerated Enterprise Decision Making: The connected data streams brought together within digital twins promote collaboration, rapid decision making, and advanced modeling and simulation of complex systems. Our government-customized solution allows federal leaders to more clearly visualize dense, formerly siloed data and move faster from information to action.
  • Advanced Technical Adoption: Our digital twin solution helps agencies simplify initiatives to field, operate, and maintain other advanced technologies like AI, 5G networks, extended reality, and IoT. When integrated, these technologies enable industry to build and prototype new use cases in the metaverse.
  • Improved Organizational Agility: From infrastructure modernization and supply chain optimization to progress in healthcare and climate change, digital twin technologies enable agencies to leverage advanced insights as they reimagine design, planning, and operations to improve mission outcomes. Ultimately, democratizing data and facilitating understanding and collaboration at enterprise scale will change the way the business is viewed and run and will enable the agility and resilience our clients need to lead in today’s world.

Digital twins are fast becoming a cornerstone in the design, manufacturing, and operations of products and infrastructure—and within government, digital twins are delivering advanced insights from previously untapped data to elevate mission performance. Booz Allen and Unity are reducing barriers to federal adoption so that leaders can scale this powerful technology, blend the physical and virtual worlds, and improve decision making with interactive digital twin applications across critical use cases.

Learn more about using digital twins to simplify complex missions and explore how Booz Allen and Unity helped the Air Force harness a first-of-its-kind digital twin to improve climate resilience.