Empowering the Hyper-Enabled Operator at 2022 SOFIC

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AI-Enabled Predictive Maintenance and Supply Chain

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Minimize unplanned downtime and improve mission readiness with a smart suite that powers multiple logistics areas with a data-driven approach. Tools operate from enterprise to edge.

  • Demand forecasting
  • Supply chain resiliency
  • Connectivity ensured in disconnected environments

Combat Linkwear

Customize this plug-and-play sensor and power suite for your team’s objectives. The on-body suite incorporates innovations in data devices, electronics, conductive fiber, and battery tech.

  • Integrates with ATAK
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Miniaturized electronics
  • Low power needs

Digital Maintenance Operations (DMxO)

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DMxO for Tactical Assault Kit (TAK) improves flight line maintenance operations and resources by optimizing staff availability and allocation, while providing superintendents with situational awareness across the facility.

  • Add, assign, and track tasks
  • Get real-time status
  • Incomplete tasks? Ground planes for safety

Human-Machine Teaming Demonstrator/Cross Platform Autonomy Stack (CPAS)

Write, deploy, and manage autonomy at scale for any combination of humans and AI-equipped drones and robots. CPAS enhances survivability and frees operators to pursue the mission.

  • Decrease cognitive load
  • Enhance situational awareness
  • Sets up fast with our intuitive interface

District Defend®

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Enforce zero trust access at home stations and the tactical edge with our software-based security platform, using contextual triggers such as location, network, and user behaviors.

  • Advanced endpoint security
  • Adaptive intelligence
  • Automatic reconfiguration
  • CSfC-compliant

Tactical Commercial Solutions for Classified

Ensure secure mobile communications and access to ATAK and other command and control (C2) applications in denied and disconnected environments—using 5g, radio, and satellite networks.

  • NSA, CSfC-registerable
  • MIL-STD 810G server
  • Samsung S20TE smartphone
  • Private 5g network


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Now you can deploy defensive cyber capabilities and aggregate monitoring to any TAK platform, generating cybersecurity status reports across the TAK ecosystem.

  • Monitor individual devices
  • Load whitelists and blacklists
  • Detect noncompliant and hidden software


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Use a threat entity predictive tool that functions as a TAK plug-in, automating network threat updates and allowing warfighters to customize data outputs for specific missions and targets.

  • Downgrades classified threat data through a secure, yet unclassified enclave
  • Leverages TAK ecosystem