5G, National Security, and Secure Connected Health

5G to Next G: An Opening Fireside Chat with Dr. Joe Evans

Chris Christou, vice president of 5G and cloud security at Booz Allen, kicked off the event with an interview with Dr. Joe Evans, principal director of 5G at the U.S. Department of Defense. The speakers discussed the importance of interoperability across emerging 5G technology. 

Medical Device Cybersecurity

Dr. Kevin Fu, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration's first director of medical device security, discussed the importance of cybersecurity for device manufacturers, and the steps healthcare organizations must take to protect the safety and effectiveness of medical devices in a 5G world. Kelly Rozumalski, leader of Booz Allen’s Secure Connected Health work, introduced Dr. Fu.

A 5G Use Case: Smart Secure Borders and Ports Via 5G

Panelists involved in port and border security discussed where 5G holds the potential to strengthen preparedness and protection, plus the cybersecurity concerns federal agencies must keep in mind as they roll these solutions out across 5G networks. Dr. Cedric Sims, senior vice president at Booz Allen, moderated the discussion.