5G National Policy: Insights for Industry and Government

Learn how to build comprehensive, repeatable, and cybersecure 5G implementation strategies

Fifth-generation mobile network technology's (5G) associated development, adoption, and deployment rollouts have the potential to disrupt the global balance of power. From the economy, to the military, to overall reputation and influence, national 5G policy rollouts will have a direct impact on the nation's position as a technology leader. 

In our recent webinar, leading industry and government experts discussed holistic approaches to securely harnessing the national 5G ecosystem.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How the U.S. can strengthen its foundational 5G capabilities, in order to build and secure 5G ecosystems
  • How to close 5G’s research and development gap by fostering greater collaboration between government, industry, and academia
  • How industry and government leaders can work together to address the policy positives and challenges of 5G technology 
  • How the U.S. can accelerate adoption and promote new business models 


  • Jennifer Congdon
    Senior Lead Technologist, Booz Allen


  • Josh Marcuse
    Head of Strategy & Innovation, Global Public Sector, Google
  • Blair Levin
    Nonresident Senior Fellow, Metropolitan Policy Program, Brookings
  • Jaisha Wray
    Associate Administrator, Office of International Affairs, NTIA
  • Gary Barnabo
    Director of 5G Technology Solutions, Booz Allen


5G Geotechnological Competition in the Digital Age: Global Benchmarks and Insights for the U.S.

5G will drive geopolitics, economic prosperity, and national security in the 2020s. Read how nations can safely and effectively roll out 5G strategies, using Booz Allen's 5G Power Framework.

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