The Learning Lab

Q: About the Lab’s location: Why is it separated from the McLean, Virginia, office space? Why create an entirely new space for trainings?

A: Creating the Lab separate from existing office space was a blessing in disguise. We needed to find a new location due to the closing of our old training center in a Booz Allen office space. But separating ourselves from the hustle and bustle of offices actually helps trainees immerse themselves on the classes. The hope is this promotes the overall goal of trainings: expanding the knowledge of our staff and building a culture of development.

In the business world we’re always using sports analogies (touchdown space, etc.), when in fact the two worlds could not be more different. Athletes practice all the time and only seldom need to perform. As consultants we are expected to perform constantly, always making sure client delivery exceeds expectations. We are not afforded the luxury to practice and learn new skills often. When we do make time, I want to make sure everyone who comes to the Lab gets the most out of their experience. 


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