Shifting Biometrics From Lab to Field

Soldiers standing outside in a mountain range, alongside another image of a female soldier typing on a laptop.

Biometric Capabilities and Tools

Harnessing the power of cloud analytics to decipher trends and patterns within big data, Booz Allen has developed a revolutionary cloud-enabled identity architecture that advances biometrics analysis by breaking down the traditional stovepipes between biometrics and all-source intelligence analysis into a consolidated platform. It allows scalability, vendor interoperability, and enhanced analytics, improving the intelligence gained from the data collected and delivering a holistic view of an identity. 

Our advanced work extends across the broad spectrum of biometrics capabilities, moving biometrics from the laboratory to the tactical edge. Find out more about our innovative, holistic biometric approach and Booz Allen’s VAMPIRE™ Tactical Forensic Device and OBSERVE™—or Obfuscated Search Retrieval and Verification for face recognition. We introduced this remote facial recognition tool, which specializes in identifying subjects in disguise, in poor lighting, or with partially obstructed faces.