Guiding Software Platform Analysis for the IRS

The Solution

That meant educating the vendors on what happens when a tax return comes through the door: How is it processed? How is it evaluated for fraud? What do the individual fields mean?

The team confirmed that the platforms could be implemented in the IRS environment. Once the vendor teams were up to speed, their models were tested individually and then, ultimately, the results were measured on a larger scale before a decision was reached.

The final step in the evaluation process involved looking at the platforms’ results on a holistic level, comparing three crucial aspects:

  1. How many cases of fraud were caught outside of the IRS’s existing models.
  2. How many of those cases were false positives.
  3. What was the total cost of implementing the platform.

Ultimately, one of the platforms proved to be the standout solution.

The Future

The IRS noted that, beyond its rate of fraud-detection success, the winning vendor team’s agile work style injected a valuable level of flexibility.

While the art of the sale will continue to be rooted in embellishment, Booz Allen will continue to cut through the clutter to find the truth.

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