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EpiMaps: Data Visualization for Healthcare

Data That Is Scalable, Flexible, and Customizable

EpiMaps provides two ways to gain insights from big data:

  • Access the Booz Allen data lake—Visualize data from 32 public data sets, including from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Census Bureau, all curated and cleaned by our analysts. The data lake includes more than 125,000 unique public health and socioeconomic data points.

  • Add your own data sets—Safely and seamlessly integrate your proprietary data for insights customized to your individual needs.

“This tool and its advanced data analytics capabilities will allow us to pinpoint communities where our help is most needed. I’m hopeful that through our work with Booz Allen, we can rescue our hidden heroes from the debilitating trappings of loneliness and isolation.”

EpiMaps in Use

Shedding Light on Military Caregivers
Over the last 5 years, we’ve partnered with the Elizabeth Dole Foundation to better understand the needs of military caregivers across the country. Using the EpiMaps platform, we created a custom map that shows where caregivers are distributed, pinpoints locations where poor health outcomes are highest, and draws out the factors that may be driving those outcomes. These new insights give the Foundation an unprecedented, evidence-based look into the localized needs of hidden heroes, helping the organization better support military caregivers in local communities nationwide.

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