Booz Allen History


110 Years Young

Booz Allen celebrates 110 YEARS YOUNG, building on our legacy of transformation.  


“Booz Allen 110 Years Young” over an image of the Earth as seen from the surface of the moon


Professionals working at computers in a blue, backlit room

Booz Allen Ventures Formed

We form Booz Allen Ventures, a $100 million investment arm focused on developing dual-use technology solutions for the nation’s most critical missions.


The Helix Goes Live

The Helix Center for Innovation opens, providing a tech-forward, collaborative, immersive space to catalyze breakthrough solutions for our clients.

The Social Equity Agenda

Through our Race and Social Equity Agenda, we assess our business practices and their impact on Black and Indigenous individuals and people of color. 


Professionals dressed in business casual attire socializing in an office lounge


Ground control professionals sit at computers and watch live video of a rocket launching

The Space Force Takes Off

Building on our legacy as a trusted partner for defense, national security, and civil space missions, we play an integral role in launching the U.S. Space Force. 

The Booz Allen Foundation

We create the Booz Allen Foundation, dedicated to empowering human potential and driving wider social impact.  


An African American man in a white lab coat teaching an African American child robotics circuitry


A multiracial family sitting on a couch and smiling at an image on their laptop


Booz Allen assists the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services with the implementation of 

Pioneering Auto Cybersecurity

Protecting vehicles on the road in real time, we develop the auto industry's first-of-its-kind cybersecurity information sharing and analysis center. 


White vans crossing a suspension bridge, overlayed with digital information about the vehicles


Man in a black suit watching multiple MLB broadcast screens

Bringing Solutions to the MLB

Following sweeping rule changes in Major League Baseball, we help build a command center to support umpires, making the game clearer and fairer than ever. 

Going Public

Booz Allen goes public with a $238 million offering under the ticker symbol BAH.


Booz Allen employees in suits standing at the center of the New York Stock Exchange


Seal of the Department of Homeland Security painted on a brick wall

Securing the Homeland

Booz Allen creates the blueprint for the Department of Homeland Security, anticipating the nation's future needs. 

Launching—and Connecting—Unity

Booz Allen supports the design and launch of Unity, the first U.S.-built component of the International Space Station.  


Shot of Earth from the international space station


The Hubble Telescope floating in space above the Earth

Designing Hubble

Booz Allen contributes to the design of the Hubble Space Telescope. 

Rethinking Supply Chains

Booz Allen’s Keith Oliver develops the concept of supply chain management while working with Dutch electronics giant Philips.


Black & white photo portrait of Keith Oliver in a suit


Apollo 11 floating above the surface of the moon

Going to the Moon

Booz Allen helps the United States win the race to the moon, providing a technical strategy for Apollo 11's command module Columbia. 

The Birth of the Modern NFL

Booz Allen helps engineer the merger between the NFL and AFL. 


Clean cut man in a suit smiles while holding two footballs labelled “NFL” and “AFL”


A 1960's view of Hawaii

Booz Allen Goes to Hawaii

We establish a presence in Hawaii, helping Kamehameha Schools to develop a future strategy. Decades later our strategy is still in use.


PERT Is Born

Booz Allen develops the PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) process. PERT becomes the basis for all future program management software. 


“The complete pert network” above a complex series of connected dots


Four men in suits hold a flag labeled “Polaris” and illustrated with a submarine and a rocket ship

The Creation of BAARINC

We create Booz Allen Applied Research (BAARINC). Focusing on technical consulting and government contracting, BAARINC foreshadows modern Booz Allen. 

A New Home in DC

Booz Allen opens a Washington, DC, office to serve primarily U.S. federal government clients.  


Old aerial image of the National Mall and U.S. Capitol building


Group portrait of men in suits at the Booz Allen management conference in 1948

Defining Human Capital

Drawing on our heritage of people-centered solutions, James Allen publishes one of the first articles on human capital, a company’s most valuable asset.

Gearing Up for World War II

The U.S. Navy hires Booz Allen, beginning our long relationship. We assist the Navy during World War II, empowering the Navy to double in size.


Black & white photo of uniformed men crowding the deck of a U.S. Navy ship


Old document listing Booz Allen’s code of ethics in an elaborate script

Defining Our Code of Ethics

Carl Hamilton writes Booz Allen’s original code of ethics, among the first of any U.S. company. Its 10 principles shape our core values today. 

Pioneering the Field

James Allen coins the phrase “management consulting,” helping pioneer the field.  


Black & white portrait of James Allen in a suit and glasses


Black & white photo of the Chicago-Sun times building

Welcome James Allen

James Allen joins the company. Major clients at the time include Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., Montgomery Ward, and the Chicago Tribune

The Founding Story

Fusing management theory with the nascent field of psychology, Edwin Booz founds The Business Research Service—what would become Booz Allen.


Black & white photo of Edwin Booz smiling in a suit and hat