Technical Signals Analysis: A Spectrum of Innovation

Inventing New Approaches to Signal Discovery and Processing

Our analysts are innovators who enjoy the thrill of the hunt—finding elusive signals, interpreting obscure patterns, and automating searches for greater scale and precision. We bring together diverse skill sets allowing teams to innovate on problems from multiple angles, and provide new tools and ongoing training to help them discover complex threats faster.

We move critical missions ahead in areas like:

  • Cross-platform collaboration 
  • AI-powered signals analysis 
  • Digital signal processing
  • Multidomain signal processing
  • Technical targeting

Technical Signals Engineering & Analytics Bootcamp

Find out how you can learn more about radio frequency signal properties, signal processing techniques, algorithms, and more through our course offerings.

Conquering “Unknown Unknowns” with Machine Learning

Our technical and analytic teams create pilot programs that help intelligence community (IC) and military organizations generate faster insights while evolving to a more flexible work environment. For example, our specialists develop techniques allowing software to be developed in an unclassified environment, creating a neural net that can then be moved to a cleared environment.

These techniques speed operationalization of artificial intelligence (AI). At the same time, they open the door for organizations to experiment with a hybrid cleared workforce model that incorporates diverse talent in dispersed locations from the DC tech corridor to Silicon Valley.

Advanced Framework and Tool Development for IC Modernization

We conduct research on evolving technologies and create prototypes for secure solutions across satellite, airborne, and terrestrial platforms. Here are examples of our labs and innovation centers:

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