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Booz Allen CyberSim

For Individuals

This option is appropriate for cyber professionals at any stage in their career who want to test their current cyber skills, as well as anyone who wants to explore new areas of cybersecurity. Each assessment measures relevant cyber skills in a different cybersecurity job:

  • Cyber Fundamentals (covers multiple jobs)
  • Penetration Tester
  • Forensics Analyst
  • Vulnerability Analyst
  • Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) Specialist
  • Network Operations Center (NOC) Specialist
  • Infrastructure Operations Administrator
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst (Beginner/ Intermediate level)
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst (Advanced level)
  • Cyber Policy & Governance Specialist
  • Privacy Engineer
  • Architecture & Engineering Security Specialist

For Organizations

This option is for organizations that want a greater level of flexibility and control with the Booz Allen CyberSim® training and assessment solution platform. In addition to having access to all 12 individual assessments, companies can build their own assessments from the existing library of over 500 challenges. They can also create their own challenges to reflect their specific operational environments. Organizations also receive:

  • User access for up 100 participants
  • Initial training for local Booz Allen CyberSim administrators and/or users (up to 4 hours)
  • Ongoing help desk, challenge selection, role mapping, and/or training support (up to 40 hours)


For additional services  and support, or If you’d like to learn more about supporting consulting services offered by Booz Allen Hamilton, please contact [email protected]

Payment and Billing
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Booz Allen uses the credit card processor,, to process Customer credit card transaction to purchase BAH’s products and services. Customer’s credit card information is collected and processed by Stripe and not BAH, and you agree to be bound by’s dispute resolution process, in addition to other governing terms in this Agreement. To learn more about how uses the information collected from you when purchasing BAH’s products and services, can you view their privacy policy here:


Manage Subscriptions
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Subscriptions will be billed monthly, thirty days from the order purchase date. You will see Booz Allen Hamilton on your billing statement.

Booz Allen CyberSim® Training and Assessment Solution

How will I receive my login credentials
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When someone at Booz Allen creates your user account, an email is automatically sent to you at the email address that Booz Allen was given. (Most likely, your work email account.) That message will provide a link to the Booz Allen CyberSim login page.


Your login is your email address. You will be asked to make a password as part of your initial login procedure. The password must be at least 12 characters long and contain at least one number and one symbol.

When can I expect to receive my access/credentials?
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If you purchased an individual assessment, you’ll receive the email granting you access to Booz Allen CyberSim within moments of someone at Booz Allen creating your Booz Allen CyberSim account.

Whom do I contact if I have issues or receive an error while accessing Booz Allen CyberSim?
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Send an email to [email protected]

How do I use Google Authenticator?
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Google Authenticator is a smartphone app that comes with its own instructions. Briefly, your first email message from Booz Allen CyberSim will contain a QR code that you use the Authenticator app to scan (via your smartphone’s camera). Scanning that QR code creates what is called an “account” in Authenticator that is linked to Booz Allen CyberSim. Tapping on the Booz Allen CyberSim-linked Authenticator account produces a short series of numbers that you need to enter as part of the Booz Allen CyberSim login process, beyond just your email address and password. The short series of numbers is time-linked and changes every 30 seconds, much like an RSA SecurID token or similar device, if you’re familiar with those.

Why do I need Google Authenticator?
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Technically you don’t. However, Booz Allen CyberSim uses two-factor authentication as part of its login process, so in addition to the usual email address and password, you need a special one-use-only number code for each login as well. If you don’t have a mobile device, see the next question.


One way or another, you have to generate a one-time-only number code that is based on your particular Booz Allen CyberSim account, and the Google Authenticator is one way to do that. Other two-factor smartphone applications might also work. The app known as “Authy” has proven to work with Booz Allen CyberSim as well.

What if I don’t have a mobile device?
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The initial email you receive from Booz Allen CyberSim contains a special, quite long random series of bolded capital letters and numbers that is roughly 32 characters long. It is called the "Google Authenticator Unique ID."


Booz Allen CyberSim’s login screen has a special link labeled "Generate Token" below the text field for the 2-Factor Token.

If you click on the “Generate Token” link, a pop-up window will appear. Paste your Google Authenticator Unique ID into that window, and a number code will appear. You will have 30 seconds to type or copy/paste that number code into the “2-Factor Token” field in the Booz Allen CyberSim login screen before that number code expires and you need to generate a new one, following the same process a second time.

How do I report an issue/error?
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You may send an email to: [email protected].

What type of individual assessments can I get?
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As of October 27, 2016, we have fourteen (14) separate assessments available for purchase. They are listed below.

  • Individual Beta Assessment Sample
  • Individual Beta Assessment - Cyber Fundamentals
  • Individual Beta Assessment - Penetration Tester
  • Individual Beta Assessment - Forensics Analyst
  • Individual Beta Assessment - Vulnerability Analyst
  • Individual Beta Assessment - Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) Specialist
  • Individual Beta Assessment - Network Operations Center (NOC) Specialist
  • Individual Beta Assessment - Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst, Beginner/Intermediate
  • Individual Beta Assessment - Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst, Advanced
  • Individual Beta Assessment - Cyber Policy & Governance Specialist
  • Individual Beta Assessment - Privacy Engineer
  • Individual Beta Assessment - Architecture & Engineering Security Specialist
  • Individual Beta Assessment - Infrastructure Operations Administrator

You may also purchase a batch of 2 individual assessments, 3 individual assessments, or access to all assessments.

What can I do with my assessments/ what do the assessments provide for me?
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Booz Allen CyberSim assessments are a safe way to test your ability to perform realistic cybersecurity tasks—the kind many people perform every day at their jobs. The assessments are designed to uncover areas where you are already a subject matter expert and other areas where you could use some more training. This information can help you create a professional development plan for yourself and spend your training dollars wisely. The results of these assessments might also help you find subject matter areas where you are stronger than you might think, and could help you be recognized as an expert and potential mentor in those areas. Whether you are strong or weak in any given area, Booz Allen CyberSim can help you figure out what the next step in your development as a cybersecurity professional should be.

How do I reset my password?
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When you are logged into Booz Allen CyberSim, a blue banner with your username in white text appears in the upper right corner of the screen.


Click (left-click, not right-click) on your username (“tk” in the screenshot example; yours will be different) and a menu appears. “Change Password” is an option in that menu.


What if I forgot/ lost my token?
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If for any reason you have lost the ability to log into Booz Allen CyberSim, contact whoever is in charge of the Booz Allen CyberSim project at your organization. That person knows how to get in touch with Booz Allen’s CyberSim representatives who will reset your account.


Resetting your account will generate a new initial login email that contains a new Google Authenticator Unique ID (that 32-character string of capital letters and numbers you’ll need if you don’t use a smartphone app for two-factor authentication). Get rid of your old Unique ID and replace it with the one in the new email.

Who should take the assessments?
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Anyone who wants a safe environment in which to test their skill at real-world cybersecurity tasks, and get some sense of where they have significant expertise and where they have clear opportunities for learning. While designed for cybersecurity professionals at various stages of their career, anyone could theoretically take a Booz Allen CyberSim assessment.

What can I do with my assessment results?
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It’s a good idea to have an informal discussion with your supervisor about your results.


Each assessment produces multiple scores based on multiple roles that people have in their jobs. You may be better at some parts of your job than others, and if so, the assessment results might support that idea. Let’s say I take an assessment that rates me as “advanced” on a role called “warning analyst”, but only “beginner” on a role called “database administrator.” If I got those results, I’d ask myself how important database administration is to my job. If I’m rarely or never asked to administer a database, then maybe being a “beginner” at that role is not a problem. However, if I were interested in moving into database administration at some point, or if I thought database administration would become a more important part of my job, then I might seek out relevant training opportunities. Also, maybe I didn’t realize I was such a good “warning analyst.” I might look for opportunities to train others in that role, especially if no one else in my organization was rated as “advanced” in it.


Asking for database administration training, and asking for chances to mentor people in warning analysis, are examples of what I would want to talk to my supervisor about.

What’s the difference between the Individual and Organizational options?
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It’s a good idea to have an informal discussion with your supervisor about your results.


The individual option is purchased when a relatively small number of people in different parts of an organization want to take one or more Booz Allen CyberSim assessments. The organizational option is purchased when an organization wants an entire group, or possibly even all of its members, to take one or more Booz Allen CyberSim assessments.

What does it mean that Booz Allen CyberSim is a Beta?
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We are offering Booz Allen CyberSim as a “beta” product (and at a discount) right now because we are still rapidly adding capabilities to it based on feedback from our first customers. We are working exceptionally close with every one of our first customers to get as much feedback from them as we can to help shape Booz Allen CyberSim’s short-term and long-term future. As the product matures, changes will continue, but more slowly and gradually.

Contact Us

To purchase CyberSim for Individuals or Organizations, please contact [email protected].