Booz Allen i2S2 Interactive AI for Space

Booz Allen i2S2 solves critical problems associated with space data, providing these attributes:

  • Integrated—Greater integration and fusion of space object and threat data (multiorbit, multisensor, multisource) for comprehensive awareness
  • Automated and intelligent—Pioneering the use of AI/ML for highly accurate assessment of space events and threats, automated decision support, determining intent, and visualization
  • Accurate—Incorporation of space weather/drag modeling, as well as world-class propagation and conjunction tools for pinpoint orbit determination
  • Scalable—Leveraging modular, open-architecture frameworks using cloud-agnostic platforms to address the increasing volume of data and end users

Enhanced Space Domain Awareness and Strategic Advantage

By securely networking large language models (LLM) that collaborate and learn from each other, Booz Allen i2S2 provides comprehensive insights into space behaviors and threats—powerfully combining AI models that use astrodynamics with SDA-STM analysis capabilities. Operators receive information and recommendations with a conversational interface. The interconnected system of LLMs, chatbots, and humans speeds critical decision making and improves accuracy.

Meet Booz Allen's i2S2

AI-powered analysis—rapid, continual evaluation accelerates space situational awareness

Intelligent automation—AI/ML techniques deliver a full range of courses of action with superior accuracy

Cross-domain sharing—ability to securely deliver outcomes from data at all classification levels

Industry-leading cybersecurity—robust, resilient platform has built-in security with zero trust                      

Cloud-enabled mobility—can run on portable devices using Booz Allen’s cloud-based, scalable, tailorable platform (BASE-C)

Accelerator Features

Multi-Phenomenology Data Integration

Booz Allen i2S2 creates accurate space situational awareness (SSA) by ingesting the most recent SDA-STM observation and space environment data from commercial and government sources. It then overlays that data with threat intelligence and the most recent owner and operator ephemeris, vehicle state data, and maneuver plans.

Propagation Modeling

Booz Allen i2S2 ingests SSA data and executes high-fidelity propagation models that incorporate near real-time drag predictions by combining state-of-the-art, atmospheric density models with current space weather conditions—increasing accuracy while reducing false alerts.

Assessment and Alert

A continuous low-latency space awareness assessment and alert service performs conjunction screening, risk assessment, and pattern of life analysis to warn operators of space environment conditions, conjunctions, launch activities, reentry events, and adversarial actions. SSA sensor tasking capabilities obtain further observations, reducing risk.

AI/ML Predictive Analysis

The solution’s AI/ML techniques incorporate LLMs—for example, a generative pretrained transformer (GPT) engine for predictive analytics. To provide comprehensive space situational awareness, generative AI engines receive inputs of varied data types such as electro-optical (EO), radio frequency (RF), and intelligence databases. These data types are fed into ML algorithms and LLMs that automatically generate courses of action and predict consequences of selected actions. This data fusion will also enable future capabilities such as providing insights into threat intent.

Pattern of Life and Courses of Action

Booz Allen i2S2 assesses historical operations of each spacecraft to flag maneuvers related to orbit modification and spacecraft activity using ML algorithms, providing a holistic view of global satellite operations along with probable present and future interactions. Moreover, Booz Allen i2S2’s low-latency continuous assessment gives owners and operators extra time to consider options for courses of action. 

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