Harnessing Modern Data Sharing in the Cloud

Written by Dan Tucker

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Booz Allen + Snowflake partnership

Three of the Many Benefits Snowflake and Booz Allen Deliver to Clients

1. Transforming how data sharing happens.

transforming data sharing

Say goodbye to pushing batch files around or striving to keep multiple copies of the same data in sync—a governance and security nightmare. Snowflake enables live, read-only versions of a single copy of data to be shared across an agency, between two or more agencies, or across geographies, without the need to copy and move data. Data providers give seamless and governed access to data consumers, who receive near-immediate updates as the provider’s version of the data changes. Throughout the process, the data provider retains full control of the data with a highly-scalable, elastic cloud data platform functioning as a one-stop shop for nearly every data workload.

2. Use data to drive meaningful change.

use data to drive meaningful change

The application of AI and machine learning (ML) technologies can help make real-time, data-driven decisions, such as optimizing the routing of government assets or proactively anticipating public needs in times of crisis. Agencies have a wealth of data and information and they’re only just beginning to scratch the surface of what’s possible for business intelligence, and predictive and prescriptive analytics.

3. Development with the data user in mind.
development with data user in mind


Snowflake empowers data engineers, data scientists, and app developers to do more with their data, enhancing productivity and unlocking new ways to develop pipelines, ML models, and applications with features such as Snowpark for Python. Snowflake also offers an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, with useful features such as Time Travel, and Zero-Copy Cloning. Data Cloud users can also scale up, down, and out (concurrency), automatically or on the fly, to harness near-unlimited compute and storage thanks to Snowflake’s fully managed, multi-cluster shared data architecture. 

Preparing for the Future—Whatever the Mission Brings

Our work together is already underway. Snowflake brings a modern and transformational approach to data analytics, data science, collaboration, governance, app development, and a host of other workloads. Booz Allen delivers in-depth mission knowledge, differentiated technology accelerators for DataOps and artificial intelligence operations (AIOps), and over 2,500 data management professionals worldwide. This partnership will allow agency partners and clients to unlock the power of their data assets and address mission needs with previously unobtainable insights.

Together, we look forward to enabling agencies to leverage their valuable data more effectively, whatever their mission and the future may bring.


Learn more about Booz Allen’s Cloud Solutions and Snowflake’s Data Cloud.

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