Adversary Pursuit: Cyber Intelligence

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Strengthening Your Cybersecurity Posture

Insight: insight into adversary activity


Providing insights into adversary activity, malware, infrastructure, and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP).

We provide detection signatures coupled with adversary context to support risk prioritization and improve defenses.

Intelligence: built to support threat hunting


Delivering operational intelligence built to support independent threat hunt and incident response activities for adversaries. 

Our detailed playbooks help prepare for, detect, and effectively respond to adversaries.

Detection: supporting adversary detection and defeat


Leveraging weaknesses in malware tools, we support adversary detection and defeat.

We help eradicate multiple families of malware and train network practitioners to detect/respond to the same tools used by adversaries.

Threat Intelligence and Adversarial Defeat Capabilities

Discover: tactical intelligence feed provides actionable results


Tactical intelligence feed provides actionable detection signatures, adversary malware, tools, and infrastructure from our own pivot-discovery operations. 

  • Malware intelligence discloses unique malware previously unseen in open reporting and adversary infrastructure mapping. 
  • End-to-end discovery of new adversary TTPs, to include infrastructure, with delivery mechanisms from unclassified-to-classified environments
Detect: discover and respond to adversaries


Operational intelligence enables practitioners to proactively discover, respond to, and eradicate adversaries of interest.

  • Adversary playbooks for advanced persistent threats (APT) and country-groupings contain threat intelligence overviews, MITRE ATT&CK mapping for activity, discovery logic, and decision matrix
  • Built for practitioners by practitioners to find and respond to APTs 
Defend: on-host cryptographic and detection solutions


On-host cryptographic and detection solutions.

  • Cryptographic tools custom to adversary malware enable new insights, allowing customers to scan their networks for adversary malware, trigger malware backdoors, and interact with adversary malware
  • Cryptographic research and defense: Combined talent and resources in 5G and quantum computing to support development of new cryptographic solutions
Defeat: exploits for defense provides adversary defeat options


Exploits for defense provides unique adversary defeat options using our Interceptor Framework to deliver defensive exploitation capabilities

  • On-the-wire decryption capabilities: Developed by world-class cryptographic experts and reverse engineers, enabling full understanding of adversary malware and observed weaknesses
  • Custom on-host defeat capabilities: Solutions designed to elicit an adversary response such as breaking malware cryptography and other overt actions
  • Malware vulnerabilities and exploits: Capabilities for exploiting mistakes and imposing costs in adversary malware
  • Training packages: Provide network defenders live-fire expertise, detecting and responding to the threats and malware used by adversaries

Bundled Solution

The discover, detect, defend and defeat capabilities are available individually as yearly subscriptions, or as a bundled yearly subscription. 

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