SmartBase: Modern, Isolated Testing and Development Environment

As an end-to-end, off-the-shelf, isolated landing zone for pre-production development and testing, SmartBase can be precisely configured to the needs of a specific mission within days or weeks as opposed to the many months required by traditional solutions in this space.  

SmartBase Features: 

SmartBase is configured in AWS GovCloud—outside of agency network boundaries. Leveraging the AWS Landing Zone Accelerator and tailored by Booz Allen to unique mission needs, SmartBase provides: 

  • NIST-compliant cloud environments
  • The ability to test functionality, security, and performance in a sequestered cloud environment
  • Configurable controls to simulate agency-specific production conditions
  • Access to Booz Allen’s SmartFactory pipelines, which leverage proven, accredited patterns to empower building solutions on Day One 

SmartBase Benefits



SmartBase provides access to a full range of AWS-native technology services and solutions with minimal friction, reducing time and extending the potential for innovation.  



Pre-configured AWS CloudFormation templates allow for client environments to be spun up quickly so agencies can test concepts, develop code, and deliver mission impact faster, shaving weeks to months off traditional timelines. 

Reduced Overhead


Operated as a managed service by the SmartBase operations team, our environment can remove the administrative and operational burden from vital agency projects, reducing costs, effort, and risk while accelerating innovation.


Utilizing AWS CloudFormation, CodeCommit, automated vulnerability scanning, and more, our pre-assembled catalog of features and services can be quickly deployed as infrastructure-as-code, reducing costly manual processes and bottlenecks while enabling consistency. 


Compliance and security baseline foundations provided by AWS can be quickly configured by Booz Allen's expert technologists to meet unique agency requirements or specific NIST standards for any mission.

Enhanced Cloud Governance

SmartBase ensures consistency of operations and complete separation of data across multiple tenants, ensuring privacy through robust access management.


SmartBase offers multiple availability zones within and across regions for layer upon layer of failover resiliency for missions that cannot go down and cannot be compromised. 

Reduce Complexity and Speed Time to Value

Whether you’re working to meet new mandates, to evolve with changing conditions, or to test innovative new approaches to achieving mission outcomes, Booz Allen’s SmartBase can help you safely reduce complexity and speed time to value. 

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