Inside The Innovation Center

Inside The Innovation Center

To build upon our culture of innovation, we’ve created a set of tools and programs to go with our Innovation Center. They include:

The Garage: A crowdsourcing platform where employees post ideas and problems, get feedback, and pose and respond to “challenges.” Since launching in 2014, the Garage has crowdsourced nearly 1,000 ideas, and 19,000 votes have been cast by employees to posted challenges.

The Combustion Chamber: A live, "Shark Tank"-like event where employees get 5 minutes to pitch ideas to a panel of senior partners—no decks, just their pitch and the qualities that make it stand out.

Annual Ideas Festival: A celebration of our innovation efforts that enables us to give back to our community. The day’s events—which take place simultaneously in several Booz Allen offices—bring together junior employees and senior leaders for sharing, networking, and workshops where solutions are brainstormed for issues faced by a local nonprofit. In 2015, employees across the firm took part in the festival via a custom app that connected users through photos, comments, and real-time feedback. More than 87,000 interactions and impressions were generated.

The Millennial Project: An effort to attract the sharpest young talent in the market. It includes a winter engagement program to expose junior technical talent to consulting earlier in their career-seeking process; a 10-week competitive Summer Games internship; a Student Incubator to source, capture, and prototype brilliant new ideas; and a means to invest in the STEM talent pipeline by working on social good endeavors.

With the right tools, the sky’s the limit when it comes to advancing innovation. Like recent media coverage has illustrated, this is “not your grandfather’s Booz Allen.”

Sound good?

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