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Booz Allen’s Predictive Intelligence Services

Helping our clients to successfully sense, anticipate, and adjust course to mitigate risks,
seize opportunities, and defeat adversaries.

Specialized Tradecraft

Organizations defending against today’s complex and constantly evolving threat landscape face seemingly overwhelming odds. Our Predictive Intelligence services utilize specialized tradecraft to go beyond data and analytics to uncover the deep intelligence that drives successful outcomes. We combine advanced threat intelligence, native language linguistic/socio-cultural analysis and attack-surface understanding to give clients the capabilities and solutions needed to survive and thrive.

Big Data & Analytics

So many organizations find themselves drowning in data, yet starving for insights. The problem is volume and complexity. Booz Allen uses advanced data correlation, aggregation, and pattern recognition to shape data for both human investigation and machine analytics. Our leading analytics and data science expertise, combined with our technical know-how, helps clients identify salient threats to their organizations, executives, and workforces, as well as detect subtle—but potentially violent—shifts in local threat environments.

Discover our NextGen Analytics and Data Science capability page by clicking here.

Advanced Technology

Technology solutions can help convert data into knowledge, break down information silos, and provide leaders with situational understanding needed to make informed decisions. However, investment in the wrong solutions can result in “lock-ins” on costly and underperforming architectures that cannot scale to satisfy future needs. Booz Allen overcomes these challenges by integrating open-source and best-of-breed solutions within an open-architecture framework. This design pattern allows for plug-and-play of new components, iterative enhancements to client baselines, and easy integration with existing solutions to maximize legacy investments while building strong foundations for future technology innovations.

Workforce Readiness

An insufficient, improper, or poorly executed response can be as devastating to a bottom line as a cyber attack itself. To defend our clients, we place capable, aware and trained employees at the core of organizations to fully support their missions. From leadership and organizational strategy, to talent development and workforce optimization across the enterprise, Booz Allen ensures that any significant threat or opportunity is met with an equally capable response.

Booz Allen’s Predictive Intelligence Product Line

Anticipating, preventing, and responding to global threats with real-time actionable insights.

Tailored Anticipatory Threat Intelligence (Cyber4Sight®)

Knowing the motivations, intentions, objectives, and capabilities of global threat actors is key to preventing organizational attacks. Booz Allen developed the line of Cyber4Sight® products — OSIRIS and ThreatBase™ — to provide cyber threat alerting and warning services, on-call intelligence analysis, and deep web intelligence that warn our clients of threats in near real-time.

To learn more about how Cyber4Sight® products proactively defend our clients against the most sophisticated cyber attacks, click here. Or, watch Vice President Randy Hayes discuss Cyber4Sight® in this video.

Insider Risk Mitigation (Insider4Sight™)

Rogue internal employees fly under the radar of organizations that use network audit tools to prevent outside threats. Booz Allen developed Insider4Sight™ solutions such as Beacon and I4S Signature Repository to identify insider threats using advanced detection and analytical tools. Our products reduce implementation costs, improve detection probabilities, and predictively identify risks and coordinate repeatable responses.

To learn more about how Insider4Sight™ products help our clients predict, detect, and respond to insider threats, click here.

Threat and Business Intelligence (Global4Sight™)

Our line of threat and competitive intelligence Global4Sight™ products—Attack the Network Tool Suite and Weatherman Analytic—combine open-source cloud architecture with social media research and intelligence analysis to give clients key information on global threats and global market opportunities.

To learn more about how Global4Sight™ helps our clients protect their competitive advantages and capitalize on new business opportunities, click here. To learn more about Global4Sight™ Analytic Services, click here.

Continuous, Automated Diagnostics (CyberReady™)

Without the ability to take action, even anticipatory threat intelligence is useless. Organizations need full command over their IT infrastructure to detect vulnerabilities and quickly sanitize breaches. Booz Allen developed the suite of CyberReady™ products to actively mitigate—not just discover—cyber risks, and to sanitize organizations in the event of a breach.

Booz Allen has received Cyber Incident Response Accreditation (CIRA) from the NSA—an accreditation that recognizes Booz Allen as an industry leader in delivering cyber incident response assistance to owners and operators of National Security Systems (NSS.) Read more on this recognition here.

To learn more about how CyberReady Codex, Automated First Responder (AFR), and CyberReady Command and Control Dashboards helps our clients actively mitigate cyber risks and drive intruders out, click here.

Mission Platform

Mission Platform is an enabling product line: a robust analytic platform for data integration and exploitation, as well as rapid prototyping, software development, talent management, and training for building next-generation analytic teams. It is the set of core capabilities that provides the technology foundation, trained staffing resources, and the necessary mission understanding to establish, scale, and finally realize the full potential of Predictive Intelligence.

To read more about how Mission Platform allows clients to tailor their people, processes, and technology to mitigate potential threats and capitalize on advantage opportunities, click here.