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What is the Sailfish Family?

The Sailfish family is a suite of applications and services that address the three main challenges of a data-driven marketplace:


Manage Data


Nurture Talent


Build Culture

Beyond Traditional Analytics

Embrace Modern Analytics
Gain greater data insights through machine learning, natural language processing, advanced data querying, data curation bookmarking. Move beyond traditional analytics.

Grow a Data Science Capability
More than just tools, Sailfish family applications help build a data science community and nurture the growth of an analytic capability within your organization.

Integrated Teams & Applications
Grow together. Dissolve technical and cultural barriers by building a community for all skill levels. Sailfish empowers both technical staff and non-technical staff to get value from data.

Custom Solution Packages
One size does not fit all. Every organization faces unique challenges. The Sailfish family offers a variety of services and applications packages for you.

Answers on Demand

Learn more about the solutions that will help you find and analyze your data.

Sailfish Explore:
Data Science for All

Sailfish Exchange:
Crowd-Sourced Data Curation

Data Science and
Analytics Services


Visit Sailfish Explore

Sailfish Explore makes data science and advanced analytics accessible. Build complex models and run analyses with no coding required. Explore gives analysts and executives alike a better way to find answers.

Explore Features:

  • Natural Language Interface: Ask plain English questions to your data. No special query language required.
  • Visual Query Builder: Without coding, simply drag-and-drop to build complex queries.
  • Workflow Management: Think out your analytical approach in real time. Save your workflow, share it with others, or schedule it ahead of time.
  • Seamless Integration: Explore sits on top of your existing data storage solutions, like Hive, and HDFS.
  • Analytical Community: From within Explore, send requests and ask for other analysts support.

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