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Booz Allen Managed Threat Services arm you with the threat intelligence and context you need to fully understand the dynamic risks your organization faces now and in the future. Drawing on the expertise of a diverse group of analysts, our products and solutions allow you to stay informed of the latest cybersecurity developments, leverage strategic insights about how today’s threats could impact tomorrow’s actions, and understand the intentions of threat actors to anticipate what may come next. We listen to your collection requirements, concerns, and requests to curate a custom intelligence feed to ensure you’re getting the right intelligence where you need it, when you need it. 

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Managed Threat Services Ready

Our on-tap service delivers high-value threat intelligence in context—ready to deploy and cost effective.

Managed Threat Services Integrated

Our comprehensive service puts us in collaboration with your security teams to create focused intelligence for deeper awareness.

Managed Threat Services Full Scope

Our premium service makes our threat analysts an extension of your security posture, giving you our full capability to deepen your insights into the broad spectrum of threats.

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Booz Allen Managed Threat Services Portal

Access to our curated intelligence repository, delivering a comprehensive stream of threat indicators and context-rich reporting. The portal empowers you to decide which threats matter most and prioritize your defensive strategies accordingly.

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