Booz Allen Cyber Threat Intelligence Services

Deep analysis. Flexible delivery.

To meet your specific threat intelligence needs, we provide your organization with modular services that integrate seamlessly into your business and security program: 

Subscription Service Offering Service Description
Intelligence Reporting Service
  • Focused, phased production on intelligence requirements that address broad client needs and on-going security concerns
  • Proactive reporting with a focus on intelligence that continuously informs your security posture 
  • Access to our curated intelligence repository
  • (Optional) Add custom priority intelligence requirements based on your specific needs
Requests for Intelligence (RFI)
  • On-demand intelligence reports 
  • Comprehensive answers to your cyber questions through the combined expertise of dark web analysts, malware reverse engineers, private investigators, and linguists
On Demand Malware Analysis
  • Submit malware files for automated analysis by Booz Allen’s proprietary analysis framework 
  • Includes sandboxing, machine learning, file carving, YARA, Bro, and Suricata-based detection
  • Comprehensive report of all detections
Attacker Reconnaissance
  • Quarterly analysis of customer’s external posture, viewed through the “eyes of an attacker”
  • Immediately reduce attacker return on investment during their reconnaissance phase
Dark Web Services
  • Private investigatory services for data and digital goods recovery

Delivery Formats that Fit Your Needs

Our subscription service offers multiple delivery channels to meet your unique requirements and integrate seamlessly with your organizations’ security program.

  • Automated analysis—gives your analysts and responders access to our fully-managed dynamic analysis platform with an elegantly simple interface.
  • The Intelligence Portal—provides access to the complete online library of historical reporting for your specific subscription.
  • Focused reporting—intelligence requirements and industry insights delivered via email. 
  • On-demand access to top cyber intelligence analysts to provide the business context and understanding of how to adapt your defenses.

Booz Allen Managed Threat Services Portal

Access to our curated intelligence repository, delivering a comprehensive stream of threat indicators and context-rich reporting. The portal empowers you to decide which threats matter most and prioritize your defensive strategies accordingly.

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