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District Defend® Secure Mobility Solution

District Defend® Secure Mobility Solution

How it Works

Devices enabled with District Defend are secured through centrally-administered, situation-based controls. Using an intuitive web application, administrators can easily set policies that automatically reconfigure the security posture of individual devices. Policies can be enforced at the individual, group, and enterprise level.

Key Features & Benefits

Automated Enforcement Takes Staff Compliance Out of the Equation
As a physical component, District Defend doesn’t rely on actions taken by end users to maintain compliance. Automated enforcement ensures that your mobile employees are working securely, wherever they happen to be.

Secures Against Threats that Mobile Device Management (MDM) Can’t
Unlike MDM solutions, District Defend sits below the Operating System (OS). By operating in the device’s firmware, it secures devices against a wider range of attacks and protects them during the boot process when they’re most vulnerable.

Controls Devices Even When They’re Off
District Defend continues to communicate security policies to powered off devices via Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) so they never miss a beat, so that as soon as devices turn on, they automatically adjust features to reflect the appropriate device setting.

Know Where Your Devices Are
District Defend gives your administrators full insight into the last known location of enterprise IT assets.

Protection for Lost or Stolen Devices
In addition to vigorous anti-tampering mechanisms, District Defend enforces data-at-rest encryption and enables pre-boot full disk wipes to ensure long term data protection.

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