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Tech Trends 2016

Booz Allen forecasts hottest technology trends that will dominate business in 2016

The Connected Vehicle Movement

Automakers now compete in spaces that are undefined and against non-traditional competitors, with innovations.

Explore Data Science

Explore Data Science introduces common data science theory and techniques to help expand data science expertise.

Who Says Big Companies Can’t Innovate?

If you want to be known for something, you have to make the investments to prove it.

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National Data Science Bowl

Booz Allen and Kaggle sponsored the first-ever National Data Science Bowl, a competition that uses data science techniques to take on a global challenge. 

When Machinery Gets Smart

With increasing “smart” technology, connectivity across the industrial ecosystem will soon be ubiquitous and seamless.


The VAMPIRE™ handheld conducts real-time analysis in the field, performing fast, accurate, on-site latent and live fingerprint identification and matching analysis.


The ENVOI Articles Mobile App

A bi-annual collection of stories that represent original thinking and applied innovations.

2015 Global Information Security Workforce Study

SC2, Frost & Sullivan and Booz Allen Hamilton partnered for this year's 2015 Global Information Security Workforce Study. 

Closing the Federal Cyber Talent Gap Study

All sectors rely on sophisticated technology and software to defend their data and networks.

Confonting Complexity in Managing a Cyber Crisis

A network intrusion or theft of sensitive data can quickly explode into a devastating event. 

The Internet of Things

The IoT looks to help organizations extend revenue opportunities, reduce costs and accelerate innovation and the delivery of services.

Making Shared Services Work for You

Collaborative federal policy mandates for implementation have provided a steady drumbeat for establishing shared services as a service delivery model. 

The Cyber Solutions Handbook

Booz Allen Hamilton created the Cyber Solutions Handbook to provide pragmatic insight and assistance on how to address the key issues.