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Calculate the Cost of a Cyber attack

CyberTab is a free tool that helps information-security and other senior executives understand the damage to companies inflicted by cyber crime and attacks.

Reimagining Homeland Security

A new, ten year vision to transform an aggregated homeland scurity and law enforcement enterprise to keep the U.S. safe, secure, and resilient.

Carbon Footprint Analysis

Our new interactive tool helps analyze your 2014 College Basketball tournament bracket to determine the total carbon footprint of your picks.

The CyberHub

A collection of research developed to better understand the significance of cyber power around the world.


The Field Guide to Data Science

Booz Allen's experts define the science and art of Data Science in the ground breaking The Field Guide to Data Science.

Leading Reform

Booz Allen’s Reform agenda brings structure, technical expertise, and inspiration to empower agencies through both big and small Reforms.

Concepts in the Cloud

A collection of leading ideas to address the opportunities presented by “Big Data” and Cloud strategies, technologies, analytics, and infrastructures.

Building the Enterprise: A New Civil Service Framework

A new study outlines current challenges and offers recommendations to bring the system into the 21st century.


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