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At Booz Allen, we believe that knowledge is at the core of solving the world’s most pressing problems and is the principal source of success and advantage in the 21st century. Embodied as intellectual capital and applied by talented professionals, knowledge is a consulting firm's core asset.

Just as we advise our clients on how to manage their knowledge and tap the potential in this valuable asset, we shepherd our own intellectual capital, aware that it enriches our value to clients. As with our client engagements, Booz Allen brings a broad perspective to the development and dissemination of our ideas.

The intellectual capital developed by the firm covers a broad spectrum of topics — from global dynamics and security to megacommunities to critical infrastructure protection, health, energy, and the environment — and is shared in channels that range from reports and studies to books, speeches, podcasts, broadcast, and interactive media.

Our Latest Insights


The Path to Resilience in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

Booz Allen Hamilton’s view on national resilience in the face of natural disasters, including evaluating the cost/benefit of risk, resiliency, and continuity investments.

Transforming the Military Health System

“Transforming the Military Health System: Competencies, Checklists, and Questions to Consider” provides Military Health System leaders with guidelines and best practices to quickly and efficiently address their most pressing needs, and put them on the right path to forming the ideal military healthcare system.

Smart Data

Empowering Smart Decision-Making in the Federal Government

Future of Grants in Domestic Preparedness: A DomPrep Survey

A survey-based report of thoughts and perspectives on federal grants management and helping to prepare for what's next on the horizon in emergency management.

2014 College Basketball Tournament

As energized fans complete their upcoming 2014 basketball tournament brackets ahead of the first tip-offs, Booz Allen Hamilton has released an interactive tool that allows fans to calculate the environmental impact of each team on a bracket.
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