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AI at the Tactical Edge

Combines state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) training and interface platforms with edge-based routing to aid the human-machine team and accelerate decision making at the tactical edge. 

  • User-friendly AI training
  • Optimized edge-based routing over existing data links
  • Adaptable AI solutions

Digital Engineering and MISO Application in a Radar System

Driven by developing an end-to-end digital twin, digital engineering and MBSE Integrated Systems Optimization (MISO) support requirements, design, analysis, verification, and validation in the development and optimization of a system through an integrated toolchain. 

  • Manages increasing system complexity
  • Enables ownership of technical baseline
  • Increases product quality
  • Designs conceptual high-fidelity model to validate requirements, simulate design decisions, and assess system end-states

District Defend®

Built by Booz Allen, District Defend® is a software-based, security platform that keeps organizations' data, devices, and networks secure with automated and intelligent safeguards tailored to enterprise security rules. From proactively protecting and managing enterprise assets to zero-trust enforcement, District Defend dynamically adapts to changing threat environments, defending organizations against insider threats and advanced endpoint attacks.

  • Zero trust at the edge
  • CSfC compliance and enforcement
  • Dynamic hardening and endpoint protection
  • Enabling remote and hybrid classified workforces

Human-Machine Teaming

Highlights advancements in Booz Allen's Robotic and Human-Machine Teaming Capabilities.

Leverages robotic platforms and artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) at the edge.

  • Creates custom solutions using a variety of unmanned vehicles (UxV) and autonomy software to achieve mission objectives
  • Provides a common operating picture prior to an advance or threat mitigation scenario
  • Enables intuitive remote control of cameras and sensors to acquire actionable intelligence

Modular Detachment Kit (MDK)

Modular Detachment Kit (MDK) is a multidomain integration agent for tactical C2, providing holistic integration of disparate C2 data systems and bridging the gap between 20th- and 21st-century technology.

  • Integrates capabilities from across services to improve battlefield situational awareness
  • Connects sensors with shooters
  • Accelerates the decision-making timeline

Modular Adaptive Synthetic Controller

Modular Adaptive Synthetic Controller (MASC) enables the use of simulated military equipment inside live, virtual, constructive, and gaming tools (LVC-G) with the same form fit and function of the actual equipment. This creates significant cost savings for the government and creates added realism to simulated training scenarios. 

  • Simulates military equipment
  • Utilizes LVC-Gs to accelerate multidomain readiness
  • Leverages Extended Reality Analytics Engine (XRAE)

Extended Reality Analytics Engine (XRAE)

The Extended Reality Analytics Engine (XRAE) provides real-time analytics of human and machine performance to increase the speed to proficiency. This analytics framework can be integrated into existing training and simulation systems.

  • Integrates into LVC-G environments using plugins 
  • Measures MOEs and MOPs to increase multidomain readiness 
  • Provides real time and after action dashboards

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