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2020 Directed Energy Summit

2020 Directed Energy Summit

Attendee Resources

Cleared Attendee Information
Details on how to confirm registration for the April 2, 2020 classified day of the summit

Classified Session for 2020 Directed Energy Summit

Visit Requests for April 2, 2020 Only

(These instructions can be downloaded here)


April 2, 2020 is the CLASSIFIED portion of the 2020 Directed Energy Summit, held at the SECRET//NOFORN level. Only U.S. citizens who are cleared at the SECRET level with an approved visit request will be allowed to attend.  New: You will need to provide a SSO/FSO point of contact at the time of registration. Visit requests due by March 20, 2020.


Requirements to Submit Your Visit Request for the Classified (SECRET//NOFORN) Session Using Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS):


  1. You must be a citizen of the United States
  2. You must have an active SECRET clearance to attend
  3. Send your security clearance/visit request information to SMO code 170384
  4. Reference event POC Directed Energy Summit Logistics Manager and 2020 Directed Energy Summit, April 2, 2020 in the additional information section. Phone: 703-377-0844. **NOTE please send for April 2 only
  5. New for 2020:  Your government SSO/FSO must send an approval from a government e-mail address (.gov or .mil) to verify your need-to-know to [email protected]


How to Register for the Classified Session using a Fax Machine

Clearances/visit requests can also be faxed to (703) 902-3363 and must specify participation in the April 2, 2020, Directed Energy Summit ATTN: POC Directed Energy Summit Logistics Manager


Deadline for Submitting Visit Request

The deadline for clearance submission is March 20, 2020.


Approved visit requests must be received before participants will be admitted. Hand-carried visit requests will not be accepted. 


Additional Information

No briefcases, portfolios, backpacks, note-taking, electronic transmittal, cell phones, computers, any electronic devices designed to be easily transported which has the capability to store, record, receive or transmit text, images, video, or audio data in any format via any transmission medium including PDAs, pagers, laptop computers, iPads, notebooks, digital audio devices, watches with input capability, reminder recorders, Bluetooth, cameras, fitness trackers, Blackberrys, and any not-yet developed technology that incorporates comparable functionalities, or photography will be permitted in the classified sessions.


Of Notice:

During all sessions on this day, written communication will not be allowed inside the Ronald Reagan Building Amphitheater. Any exchange of business cards, phone numbers, or personal information will be handled outside the meeting room.


Verification of receipt by email to [email protected] and reference Clearance Validation in the subject line.

Information for Government Invitees for Widely Attended Gathering Evaluation
WAG evaluation information

Note to U.S. government attendees: 

There is no charge or admission fee for this event; however, all attendees may receive free meals and other refreshments, which may constitute a “gift” under regulations applicable to U.S. government employees. You should seek guidance from your designated agency ethics official as to whether your acceptance of free attendance to this event is permitted under your agency’s widely attended gathering (WAG) rule and obtain any determinations required by such rule or other applicable regulations. 5 C.F.R 2635.204(g) and United States Office of Government Ethics memo DO-07-47 dated December 5, 2007. Other exceptions under 5 CFR 2635.204 may also apply.


If the responsible DAEO determines that this event does not qualify as a WAG or you are unable to obtain a WAG determination prior to attending, you or your employer can reimburse the sponsors of this event for the estimated aggregate fair market value expended for each attendee by providing cash or a check at the event registration table via the “fair share” box provided. The estimated per person expenditure and receipts for this event, if needed, are being finalized and will be available upon request closer to the event. In order to help your ethics official determine if this event qualifies as a WAG, we can provide a detailed Memo upon request. Please contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

Dress Code
The dress code for speakers, panelists, and attendees.

Applicable Dress Code

The dress code for panelists and speakers is business formal. Military speakers and panelists will wear the appropriate uniform equivalent:

  • Civilian: Suit and tie; dress, skirt or pant suit
  • USA: Service/Dress Class A
  • USN: Service Dress Blue
  • USMC: Service “A” Uniform
  • USAF: Full Service Dress Uniform
  • USCG: Service Dress Blue Uniform

The dress code for all other attendees is business formal for civilians/contractors.  Guidance for all other military attendees is provided below.

  • Civilian: Suits, sports jackets, pants; skirt suits, dresses and jackets appropriate to a formal business environment
  • USA: Service/Dress Class B
  • USN: Service Uniform, Service Khaki, or Service White
  • USMC: Service “B” or “C” Uniform
  • USAF: Blue Service Uniform
  • USCG: Tropical Blue Uniform 
Hotel Information
Hotels near the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center
In development; check back at a later date.