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Threat Intelligence

Improve Security, Resilience, and Readiness

Our approach focuses on integrating intelligence across all parts of the security organization to address targeted threats. Booz Allen deploys seasoned, highly technical analysts who can contextualize insights into adversary activity and feed and orchestrate commercial cybersecurity operations around the world. 

Threat actors are sharing resources. They are developing advanced techniques to enable attacks of unprecedented scope and lethality. Booz Allen brings unparalleled experience and tradecraft to solve the biggest problems our clients face in building and sustaining CTI programs. We design, implement, and operate CTI programs through proven methodologies, documented playbooks, and experienced practitioners. 

  • We enable deep threat awareness through robust intelligences sources to drive informed decision making, increased workforce readiness, and full security coverage. 
  • Faster security actions: Real-time threat intelligence drives rapid threat detection and proactive response. Booz Allen CTI reduces noise, properly aligns priorities, and optimizes security operations.  
  • Increased industry awareness through our vast interactive network of intelligence partners
  • Improved security integration focuses your security stack to detect and respond to the threats targeting your company. 

Leverage Decades of Cybersecurity Experience

Booz Allen’s depth of experience in building and operating commercial threat intelligence programs allows us to build and sustain industry-leading CTI programs for our clients. Our understanding of the pain points leads to proven, documented solutions to rapidly address the hardest problems within CTI uplift and maturation. Our CTI programs enable clients to implement rapid response security actions and better inform risk decision-making based on customized, actionable intelligence.  

Our Services

Program Design and Implementation
We leverage our heritage of strong security as we deliver the ability to generate your own customized intelligence–not just aggregate feeds–so  you can defend against attacks. 

Program Uplift
Our work across the commercial and public sectors means that we see more attacks more frequently and have greater context than a typical analyst. Our “player-coach” model allows organizations to leverage our experience to make their security operations more effective and responsive.  

Managed Services
Couple Booz Allen’s expert practitioners with your own security operations for enhanced threat visibility and context from many of the world’s largest and most complex attacks.