Data Scientists Shape the Future

Booz Allen employees Eric Don, Travis Motley, and Sarahzin Chowdhury show their passion for applying data science for social good during the 2016 Data Science Bowl.

Data Science for Social Good

In the U.S. alone, one person is diagnosed with heart disease every 43 seconds. And when you’re waiting for the doctor to return with your results—to learn if you’re one of them—it can feel like an eternity. Now it’s possible for patients to receive their prognoses in real time, thanks to a cutting-edge medical advancement achieved just this year—by two hedge fund analysts with no medical experience.

Watch: Data Scientists talk about the first-ever National Data Science Bowl, sponsored by Booz Allen and Kaggle.

This breakthrough was achieved thanks to the 2016 Data Science Bowl, cosponsored Booz Allen and Kaggle, in partnership with the National Institutes of Health’s National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. This critical advancement speaks to the power of data science, and our sponsorship of the Data Science Bowl represents just one of the many ways in the last 4+ years that Booz Allen has been strategically reinforcing its position as an industry leader in the field of data science. We are growing our data science workforce, bringing what we’ve done for decades for our government and military clients to help other companies take advantage of these critical capabilities.

“People want to work for companies that give them an outlet to make an impact,” says Principal Steve Mills. “You can get so much more lift from your CSR investments if you give people tangible ways to participate, and we can also attract a lot of skilled talent to the company through these initiatives.”

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