Global4Sight: Anticipate Global Risks

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Data is the currency of decision-making. Our data collection and advanced analytics techniques give you actionable insights to make the right decisions.

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Our team leverages the latest innovations to collect, analyze, and visualize data everywhere you operate.

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Our clear, incisive products give you decision advantage—with regional, linguistic, and social expertise to ensure relevance and accuracy.

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Geopolitical Threat Assessment

Your organization does not operate in a vacuum. Our analysts ensure you are aware of threats that may impact your operations and strategy, from geopolitical and diplomatic developments to conflict and security issues.

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Supply Chain Analysis

The global nature of supply chains introduces risks at every level. Address vulnerabilities with services like supplier due diligence and analysis for shipping and transport lines in the midst of military, militia, or political activity.

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Social Media Analytics

Our social listening tools and analysis help you understand your market, reputation, and potential threats. Navigate product launches, company expansion into new markets, and due diligence on partners with confidence.

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Disinformation Campaign Analysis

Online disinformation campaigns can disrupt strategy and operations. Understand the motives behind an attack and mitigate its impacts. We help you discern sentiment, identify influencers, and measure reach and resonance.

Our products ensure you have the insights you need, when you need them

Leading Experts, Long-Term Expertise

Our in-house team combines proprietary language-enabled research, data sets, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytic methodologies with industry-leading data science and consulting to help you define and answer your most pressing questions.

Receive tailored research and analytic support from our regional and data experts. Backed by more than 60 years helping the U.S. Government protect national security and powered by tech innovations for government and defense, our intel specialists help you refine your questions and understand your insights.

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Due Diligence Support

Gain peace of mind for mergers, acquisitions, expansions, and partnerships.

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Advanced Analytics

Harness digital tools to address your most pressing issues, including rapid deployment of secure AI models.

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Analyst Recommendations

Turn to regional and language-enabled experts for tailored advice for specific cultures and locations.

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Global Monitoring

Benefit from 24/7 global tracking of activities of interest—from military conflict to upcoming elections.

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Interactive Dashboards

Visualize your data for ease of use and implementation into your existing processes.

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