DEXi: Open Cognitive Platform

Digital experiences: smarter, faster, and more effective

DEXi is Booz Allen’s Open Cognitive Platform that allows the rapid creation of Intelligent Digital Applications that delivers contextual information and increases user engagement by removing the friction between the user and the application.

DEXi’s AI-powered platform provides better answers to searches through Cognitive Search, tailors content and information through self-learning algorithms powered by Artificial Intelligence, and makes it significantly easier for people to get the information that they need via its Cognitive Conversational Platform that enables complex interactions and process automation. Our team of experienced data scientists, software engineers, and digital strategists understand how to build cutting edge solutions to help you get the most out of your data. Some examples of our solutions include: AI-Powered Search, Recommendation Systems, Virtual Assistants, Call Center Automation, and Robotics Processing Automation.


DEXi understands your data and performs a deeper search using Semantic Assist and Enterprise Knowledge Graphs. Content is made more intelligent with Automated Content Recommendation and predictive search. 

DEXi continuously learns from implicit and explicit user interactions to provide relevant and context- aware information. Combined with recommendation engines and algorithms, DEXi gives users a fully personalized experience.

DEXi makes user interactions easy by providing the Natural Language Understanding required for text and voice channels. DEXi quickly answers questions in natural language and provides powerful analytics and feedback to improve customer service.

Deep Search

  • RESULT: Enhanced search results & smart recommendations
  • Ingest and process information
  • Enrich with metadata
  • Measure similarity of content and make recommendations


  • RESULT: Tailored content recommendations
  • Track session activity
  • Track and analyze behavior
  • Continuously learn from site interactions

Conversational Interface

  • RESULT: Ability to ask questions and interact using my words
  • Natural language
  • Q&A
  • Chat bot

Intelligent Virtual Assistant

  • RESULT: Allows for complex, natural language interactions
  • Automate tasks
  • Integrate with existing workflows/processes
  • Verbal interaction


  • Relevant, and easy to use
  • Grows and evolves as requirements change—customers can choose from a continuum of solutions
  • Learns and improves with usage
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Integrates with Enterprise Security and Services to provide a secure connection to Enterprise capabilities
  • Optimizes the customer journey across multiple touch points 

For more information about Booz Allen’s DEXi solution, please contact [email protected].