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What data sources do you offer?
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We currently offer online news, Twitter, forums, Reddit, Facebook, official government websites, physician networks, publications, and crowdsourced data. We are in the process of onboarding additional publicly available social media, darknet, health outcomes, and transportation data.

Can I request other data sources?
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Yes, we can add custom data in a variety of formats to client-specific portfolios. These may include additional social media pages or client owned datasets.

How are you different from other digital listening tools?
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Using tailored algorithms and topic-specific ontologies allows us to accurately monitor health-related conversations. For example, general sentiment classifiers may not perform as well in online conversations where patients describe a positive healthcare experience in the context of a negative description of their symptoms or illnesses. We enhance fidelity in processed data through human curation and offer consulting services for interpretation and actionable insights.


Further, we are not only a software product. Our team of healthcare experts deliver an end-to-end solution - starting with forming research questions, devising a search and data processing strategy, performing data curation and quality assurance, along with analysis and reporting. We work closely with clients to provide insights from digital data, using Epidemico as a tool.

How do you find the content that I’m looking for?
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We devise search strategies in partnership with our clients, offering pre-existing ontologies in many health domains that have been iterated by subject matter experts over time. We proactively explore new data sources to identify content relevant to client needs.

How do you handle noise in these data sources?
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We automatically identify noise using a scoring system, which leverages a combination of machine learning and natural language processing, with a training set of hand-labeled data.

Who are your clients?
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We have private and public sector clients including federal agencies, academic institutions, and life sciences companies.


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