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Helping the White House Prepare for the Future of Smart Tech

Helping the White House Prepare for the Future of Smart Tech

Media reports and Hollywood portrayals of so-called killer robots are creating unnecessary fear that risks sidetracking, if not derailing entirely, valuable R&D funding that could drive groundbreaking innovation. We need to have meaningful conversations around AI ethics and policy, not sensationalized media stories.

The business opportunity of AI is undeniable. One report predicts that worldwide AI revenue will grow from $644 million this year to $39 billion by 2025. Machine learning technology in finance, advertising, media and healthcare is driving much of that growth, according to analysts.

And at Booz Allen, we are talking more and more about artificial intelligence because it’s a transformative technology that finally has the necessary technical components to take off, and it’s doing just that. Market forecasts indicate AI will represent a significant and growing segment of IT spending across the next decade. The AI market’s promise is evidenced by venture capitalists’ heavy  investment in the field across the past two years. 

But, as we stress in our RFI, the experimental nature of any new technology brings with it ethical, policy and privacy concerns that need to be carefully weighed. The U.S. has a chance to be a world leader in this regard—by doing no harm.