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Democratizing Data and Analytics, Part 3

Democratizing Data and Analytics, Part 3

Building a user-friendly organizational culture is essential. Technology-heavy approaches typically fail because they don’t fully consider the human element, such as why people might be hesitant to use data and analytics in their jobs, and what it will take to gain widespread participation.

We help organizations build a spirited culture of analytics by focusing on elements such as collaboration, experimentation, and buy-in. And we provide training that shows non-experts how to use data and analytics to get real-world results.

Democratization also cannot be achieved without the right technology. Organizations need to be able to bring together and integrate all the available data—both structured and unstructured—from a broad range of internal and external sources. They also need an analytic architecture that makes it possible to find the kinds of hidden patterns and connections that can be so valuable.

And there is a third basic requirement: Non-experts need to be able to ask questions of the data— without having to know programming languages or rely on an intermediary—and they need to get back answers they can easily understand and act upon.

These capabilities are difficult to achieve with the traditional approaches to data and analytics commonly used today. A key element of our methodology is helping organizations break free of such traditional approaches, by taking advantage of revolutionary advances in data science.

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