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Democratizing Data and Analytics, Part 2

Democratizing Data and Analytics, Part 2

Podcast: Why It’s Important to Have a Diverse Data Science Team

Diversity means different things to different people: gender, race/ethnicity, disability status, nationality, religious affiliation, education, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background. In this episode of Booz Allen Big Ideas we talk with Mark "Jake" Jacobsohn, our Analytics lead, about why hiring all kinds of data scientists leads to creative, more productive problem solving. To learn more visit

It is essential that non-experts have the ability to explore data and analytics independently. Only when people can see for themselves what’s possible—and have the hands-on ability to make it happen—will data and analytics become part of the fabric of an organization.

One of the most significant barriers to democratization is that analysts, researchers and others typically have to know beforehand the kinds of answers they might find in the data. This common mindset, a carryover from the era of small data, limits the ability to find new insights.

We are convinced it is critical that people be able to let patterns and connections in the data naturally emerge—to let the data speak for itself. This is what often leads to the kinds of insights that make it possible for agencies to make quantum leaps in mission and operations success.

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