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Rocking the Vote Overseas for the U.S. Military

Rocking the Vote Overseas for the U.S. Military

The Solution

The successful migration to AWS has significantly improved’s role as the program’s central hub. More than 280,000 people now use the website every month, with readiness surge support for upcoming election cycles.

The first release deployment took just 4 days—down from 40 days before the change. The automatic demand-based scaling has increased the site’s reliability and availability during election periods while reducing overall hosting costs by 60 percent.

Catching issues with automated testing prevented system outages and saved an estimated 100 labor hours. Our team also improved unit and regression test efficiency and reduced the average monthly defect escape rate by 90 percent in 12 months.

The Future

Looking to modernize and transform your organization? Booz Allen’s technology experts are up to the challenge. We help government leaders think through their mission challenges strategically, developing leading digital solutions to meet them.

Experts in the Field