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The Power of Distributed Delivery

Faster Time-to-Market and Other Benefits

Among the powerful benefits of distributed delivery:

  • Greater ability to meet today’s most complex digital challenges. A single team within an organization may not have the expertise to solve a particular problem. But by bringing teams with diverse expertise together, organizations can handle much more complexity.
  • Accelerated delivery schedules and faster time-to-market. Because organizations have access to teams across their wider software-development workforce, they can quickly pull together the talent they need for a project. This makes it possible for them to get started right away, rather than spending time hiring and training for a single team. And by reusing software components, they can build solutions much quicker.
  • High-quality, proven solutions. The reuse made possible by distributed delivery also enables organizations to confidently build solutions with components that have been hardened, certified, accredited, and deployed into operational environments. Reuse substantially reduces risk.
  • Significant cost savings and greater ROI. Reusing software components carries another benefit—it becomes economically feasible for organizations to deploy the kinds of complex systems they need to stay ahead of change. And since the solutions have been proven, organizations can make better software-development investments. 

Distributed Delivery in Action

Booz Allen’s own experience shows that distributed delivery is both practical and effective. We are using distributed delivery to build client solutions that leverage the collective expertise of our digital professionals—what we call our Digital Solutions Network.

Our software development work is distributed across the Digital Solutions Network, in physical locations—or hubs—and virtually. Because of this flexible network, we’re able to quickly put together the diverse talent needed for even the most complex client engagement. We don’t have to spend time hiring and onboarding developers for a particular project—we rapidly assemble the necessary talent, and start on Day One. And we just as easily scale up or down as conditions change.

Our distributed delivery has also enabled us to build upon our well-established culture of reuse. Through our inner-sourcing model—essentially, an internal open-source community at Booz Allen—we develop, continuously improve, and reuse the advanced components that we create.

Our experience shows the full power of distributed delivery—digital on demand. By tapping our firmwide expertise, and reusing proven components, we’re able to provide our clients with high-quality digital solutions, at less cost, to solve their most complex problems.

Boosting Recruitment, Retention, and Engagement

We found that distributed delivery has yet another benefit. It gives our digital professionals an exciting environment in which to work and grow. They get the chance to innovate across markets, achieve technical mastery of diverse skill sets, and solve complex, ever-changing challenges. In addition, the Digital Solutions Network is an important part of our connective tissue—it enables our staff to collaborate in a technical guild, give and receive mentorship, and be part of a community of like-minded digital professionals.

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