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Innovation Gets Personal

When it comes to innovative ideas, Susan’s team is constantly on the lookout for emerging technology and startup partnerships to collaborate and co-create with. Booz Allen’s Innovation Hubs (iHubs) around the country make this happen through accelerated ideation and entrepreneurship.

As the executive sponsor of Booz Allen’s partnership with SEEDSPOT, Susan recognizes the natural alignment to Booz Allen’s mission: Empower People to Change the World. Through SEED SPOT, entrepreneurs are able to act on an idea and see it to fruition changing lives along the way. Susan excitedly tells us the expansion of SEED SPOT into schools and communities across the country is on the horizon.

SEED SPOT envisions a safe place for entrepreneurs to learn, network, and grow together with the support of the local business community. 

“To learn more about how Susan’s empowering others to change the world, follow her on Twitter @SusanPenfield.”

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