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Program Assessment & Design

Program Assessment & Design

A Modern Take on Program Assessment and Design

We know that cybersecurity goes well beyond IT today, so we’ve honed our assessment capabilities to employ these principles:

Focus on What Matters Most. The first step should be to identify your company’s priorities so that you can align efforts and resources to protect your most important assets. An assessment provides focused guidance to establish or validate your roadmap, guide executive discussions, and implement capabilities across your business to protect your “crown jewels”.

Align against real risk scenarios. No checklist approaches here. By leaning on industry-driven threat intelligence and modeling actual attack lifecycles, we’ll highlight the real risk your business faces, and zoom in on your real investment priorities.

Aim for sustainability. Your organization is always at risk of a cyber incident, but the scenarios change over time, so your security program must mature at pace. We’ll help you bake agility into the DNA of your program so that you can prove resilient and capable in the face of a changing risk landscape.

Ensure Compliance. Though being compliant is not the same as being secure, regulatory bodies are becoming increasingly involved in cybersecurity. An assessment of your program will uncover how you measure against compliance requirements, like the NY Department of Financial Services cybersecurity regulation, so that you can stay ahead of mandates and spend most of your time looking ahead.

Get Efficient. Good assessments help you eliminate redundancies, save costs, and streamline operations. We’ll also help you optimize your organizational design, such as identifying the right balance of insourcing, outsourcing, and managed services. 

Our Services

Program & Capability Assessment

  • Booz Allen measures how well a program and individual capabilities perform today, while considering an organization’s unique threats and risks. Then we craft an action plan for optimizing those capabilities; this can include comparison to industry regulations, standards, frameworks, and/or peers and budget/ROI and service delivery analysis. 

Future State Strategy Development

  • We use an over-the-horizon target that gets security aligned with where business models and enterprise technology strategies are going; identifying, categorizing, and sequencing the technical and organizational initiatives that will accelerate improvement.

Program & Operating Model Design

  • Our firm helps you design the future capability framework, program structure, authorities, roles, and interactions to execute capabilities efficiently and flexibly in light of your specific business demands. 

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