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Business Advisory Service

Business Advisory Service

Cyber Business Maturity

Throughout time, the most secure enterprises will move to a model where cyber defense is completely assimilated into strategic decisions and business operations. To get there these offerings bridge the gap, allowing emerging cyber issues to be addressed cross-functionally. In doing so, enterprises move up the maturity curve from basic solutions to a more robust security posture. A mature cyber-integrated enterprise will have cyber recognized as an enterprise wide challenge and responsibility, with ramifications for operations and strategic business decisions. 

Our Philosophy

As this new cyber challenge grows and intensifies, you need to change the way you think about protecting your business. This means raising your sights from the security and technology functions and understanding what it means to be a holistically secure business. Our Cyber Business Advisory delivery teams are a blend of top strategic thinkers, industry experts, and cyber wunderkinds, all of whom deliver strategic cyber solutions to the Fortune 500. Together, we bring a unique view of adversaries and business processes that allows us to deliver pragmatic solutions that help you get ahead of the curve rather than chase endlessly after the latest vulnerability. 

Our Services

Executive Cyber Insights

  • Build Awareness. Communicate and educate leadership with cyber insights, trends, key risks, and top threats placed within a business context for the C-suite and the board. 

Spend Effectiveness

  • Rightsized Spend. Enable a value-driven approach to cyber budgeting to unlock increased investment. 

De-Risk Strategy

  • Drive Change into the Business. Enable rapid reductions in the inherent risk facing the enterprise and better cyber informed decision making moving forward.