Zero Trust, 5G, and Multicloud Insights for Cyber Leaders

Zero Trust Execution

What are the essential ingredients for building and running a zero-trust environment for your workforce? How do you develop a policy engine and administrator that ensures the right people and the right applications continually have the right access while keeping bad actors from violating this trust? A panel of private-sector and government experts discuss how to execute a zero-trust environment to ensure effective cybersecurity and productive workflows. Booz Allen Distinguished Engineer Imran Umar participates as a panelist in this session. 

Security Interoperability in a Multicloud Environment

How do you ensure that your cybersecurity is sound when adopting a multicloud architecture, while leveraging public and private clouds into your workflow? Panelists discuss the implications of organizations moving to embrace the various benefits of multiple cloud providers, system integrators, technologies, and lessons learned to maximize how to do it. Booz Allen Vice President Chris Christou participates as a panelist in this session. 

Ensuring Cybersecurity in the Transition to 5G

How will 5G impact the future of cybersecurity? This session explores the 1- to 3-year cybersecurity implications as the U.S. government embraces 5G. Panelists discuss the implications of integrating 5G with existing 3G and LTE leveraged systems, the new Wi-Fi 6 standards, and the implications of a faster, high bandwidth network pushing real-time decision-making algorithms to the edge. Booz Allen’s lead for the 5G Program Office, Jennifer Congdon, moderates the session.

Outsmarting Your Cyber Adversaries by Leveraging AI

How is your system designed to self-learn and move faster to detect and counter threats both at the perimeter and within your networks? How is AI being applied by cyber adversaries to improve their attack methodologies while attempting to stay ahead of cyber defenses? Experts discuss the state of artificial intelligence and machine learning and the implications for cyber defense and offense. Garrettson Blight, director of DarkLabs and Cyber Research at Booz Allen, moderates this session.

Fireside Chat with Chris Inglis and Brad Medairy

How does cybersecurity fit into the Biden administration’s list of priorities? National Cyber Director Chris Inglis and Booz Allen Executive Vice President Brad Medairy provide an overview of the administration’s top cybersecurity priorities with Executive Order 14208, how it fits with other major initiatives, and White House views of key engagements needed to meet the next cyber threat challenges.