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Cyber Solutions Handbook
Making Sense of Standards and Frameworks

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Today, chief information security officers (CISO) and their equivalents are facing increased responsibility amid a series of quickly evolving—and often enterprise-wide—challenges. Remediation-centric defense is not enough to combat current cyber threats, and CISOs must build an effective communication link between the server room and the board room in order to have an effective program.

Booz Allen Hamilton created the Cyber Solutions Handbook to provide pragmatic insight and assistance on how to address the key issues facing cybersecurity leaders today. This handbook provides context for the numerous cybersecurity standards and frameworks that exist with concrete recommendations for evolving the legacy mindset of program “compliance” to one of program maturity and risk-based security. Focusing on maturity—rather than “checking the box”—provides organizations both the flexibility and the comprehensive view necessary to manage their risks and achieve their goals.

What does it take?

  • A deeper understanding of where your company wants to go and how your security program will help your company get there
  • An honest assessment of your current maturity and a vision of where it needs to be
  • Smart decisions about where you invest your limited resources.

Once relegated to the IT department, cybersecurity is now part of a company’s core strategic planning and investment portfolio. Pressure is high to ensure that all of the company’s assets and operations are secure; boards and executives are looking to CISOs for answers. Developing a robust maturity model is a significant undertaking, but there are existing models that can be used to rapidly evolve programs. Applying these models correctly, while taking into consideration the appropriate industry standards and frameworks, will align your security program to your organizational strategy and provide concrete and risk-based guidance on how you can advance your program to enable the business.

Cybersecurity is now a business enabler.

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