Climate Change and Energy Solutions

Innovating Climate Change Solutions

It’s clear that climate change poses untold challenges now and into the future. No industry, government, or federal agency is immune to some level of operational impact. What’s less clear is how we will respond—as a nation, a society, or a world. How do we adapt our lives to a changing climate so we can continue to thrive and be resilient? How can we mitigate or reduce the effects of climate change?

The short answer is: Together. Innovating climate change solutions will require a shared responsibility between government, private industry, and citizens. Federal agencies must work together while remaining agile and resilient as the climate continues to shift.

Tackling Adaptation & Mitigation Challenges—Together

Booz Allen can help. With a long history of advancing our clients’ climate-related goals in environmental performance and energy management, we enable clients across the Federal Government, the Department of Defense, and the intelligence community to understand the complex adaptation and mitigation challenges that climate change presents.

With our support, agencies better analyze and use data to drive decisions related to their existing mission, while empowering citizens and private industry—through sharing of climate data—to make a commitment and take effective action. We also equip our clients to empower the people they serve so that communities can strengthen their own defenses against intensifying climate-related challenges. Here are some of the ways we’re helping our clients with adaptation, mitigation, and resilience solutions:

Pioneering New Energy Technologies: We support a program dedicated to advancing cutting-edge energy solutions in its mission to fund more than 600 energy technology projects. Our experts in engineering, materials science, molecular and cellular biology, physics, transportation systems, behavioral economics, and more have helped this client achieve ambitious technical milestones that could completely change the U.S. energy landscape.Those milestones include doubling the world-record energy density for a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and inventing an entirely new kind of liquid transportation fuel.

Reducing Carbon Emissions from Aviation: We helped a transportation-focused program stand up a greening initiative to meet federal sustainability requirements. Our experts wrote the plan and policies, implemented strategies, monitored progress, performed climate vulnerability assessments, and improved the client’s data collection and training methodologies.

Mapping Climate Vulnerabilities and Risk: We created a climate tool that determines an agency’s relative level of climate vulnerability. The tool brings together client infrastructure data, publicly available climate data and critical infrastructure data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Homeland Security Infrastructure Program, respectively, to develop a mission-focused climate risk analysis that maps infrastructure vulnerabilities, identifies an infrastructure resiliency timeframe, and details interdependency disruptions.

Supporting Flood Mitigation Efforts: We collaborated with regional stakeholders across the U.S. to help them evaluate the effects of sea level rise and storm surge. For one city, our experts piloted a geospatial visualization database for stormwater detention sites in the aftermath of a major hurricane. In another metropolitan area, we developed sea level rise scenarios and evaluated impacts to infrastructure. In the Southeast U.S., our team created and conducted a tabletop exercise to evaluate urban sprawl and designed maps to illustrate potential climate change impacts to military assets, urban populations, and wildlife.

Our Climate Change Capabilities

Combining a deep understanding of agency missions with our core capabilities, our teams of experts are dedicated to bringing our best-in-class services to help address climate change. We tailor our functional areas of expertise to help our clients meet their adaptation and mitigation challenges with robust solutions. Across all sectors of the Federal Government, Booz Allen supports our clients with:

  • Enhanced preparedness, response, and recovery using analytic tools and systems to support scientific analysis and data visualization to discover risks, patterns, and trends
  • Unlocking the value of data by measuring impact of investments into research and development programs pursuing climate adaptation and mitigation strategies
  • Enhanced transparency by equipping citizens with the ability to better consume, understand, and use data to inform personal decisions
  • Integration of climate change management strategies across organizational governance, operations, technologies, and program offices
  • Implementation of large government programs, bringing best practices to bear while keeping the climate change mission central to program operations

Our Commitment to Climate Change

At Booz Allen, we hold ourselves accountable for our own environmental impact. As a corporate body, we collaborate with experts from our client-facing teams to support continuous improvement of our internal systems, solutions, and innovations, and to remain apprised of best practices delivered to our clients. Learn more about Booz Allen’s environmental sustainability approach and how we innovate proactive and lasting climate-related solutions for our firm in the 2020 Environmental, Social, Governance Impact Report

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