Data-Centric Solutions at TechNet Augusta 2023

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August 14-17

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Augusta Marriott


A Complex Cyber Landscape Requires a Disruptive Approach

The digital landscape encompassing the federal government, civil agencies, defense, intelligence, and private industry is increasingly connected. To the nation's adversaries, it's one battlespace. It’s big, it’s complex, and it’s expanding. At Booz Allen, we’re combining cross-sector mission understanding, battle-tested approaches, and ready-to-deploy solutions to transform the way the nation tackles cybersecurity. 

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Real-Time Threat Data and Detection

Our ability to operationalize unparalleled adversary insights through real-time operations and data analytics enables the agile development and optimization of advanced cyber defense and vulnerability research. We apply an adversarial mindset, threat hunting capabilities and intelligence-grade tradecraft to extract and harness adversary tradecraft to rapidly generate mission-demanded solutions.

Zero Trust

Our tailored zero-trust architecture provides a blueprint to achieve the desired security and enterprise visibility including a zero trust assessment framework that helps determine an organization's maturity level with a focus on protecting its critical assets.

Cross Domain

We specialize in the movement of information and data across classification environments using an enterprise-level, cross domain platform that can rapidly adapt and scale to meet current and future mission needs.

Full-Spectrum Cyber Training

We support realistic individual training through collective training on adversary-informed cyber terrain reflecting how warfighters continuously deploy at the tactical edge, in all environments from permissive to hostile, using rapidly extensible capabilities for ICS/SCADA, IT/OT Networks, 3G to NextG cellular environments, and PNT platforms. 

Access & Effects

We provide mission capabilities for delivery of tactical access and effects across land, sea, air, space, and cyberspace. We create hardware and software capabilities that enable access and effects, against hard and soft targets. 

Secure Operational Technology (OT) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS)

Our integrated visualization solution and management console for OT Security Operations Centers (SOC) delivers client-customizable environments that support full functionality of all tools in one place, delivering significant time savings and resource efficiency.

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