Space Symposium 2023: Solve Complex Space Challenges

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Human Machine Teaming

Meet Spot, a human-centered robotics system designed to enhance mission performance and deliver best-in-class industry resources. Spot, along with our other robotic and autonomous systems, accelerates high-speed maneuvers, advanced sensing, and precision effects—and is protected by advanced cybersecurity.

Immersive (XR) for Space

Booz Allen’s immersive capabilities provide disruptive digital simulation and training applications to advance space domain superiority. These enhanced applications deliver a smaller training footprint, decrease reliance on personnel/equipment, and accelerate training timelines with reduced capital investment costs.​

Mock Satellite Testbed

Our mock satellite cube-sat testbed features flight control software, a communications link, multiple sensor subsystems, and a ground-based control station with command and control (C2) capabilities. It supports training, prototype development, and demonstration of cybersecurity methodologies that can be adapted and applied to deployed satellites.​

Climate Intelligence Ecosystem

Booz Allen’s climate intelligence ecosystem creates actionable intelligence for better decision-making and accelerates capabilities to plan, prepare, and adapt to the changing climate. Our novel ecosystem delivers "as-a-service" features supporting open data architectures, a community of data providers, and ease of access to enable data democratization for hyper-localized climate analyses.

Space Domain Awareness Demo

Our space domain awareness (SDA) demo is a centralized desktop and mobile application that can easily integrate new native and third-party capabilities as a complete space mission management tool and suite.

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