Propelling LVC Training Forward at I/ITSEC 2021

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November 29 – December 2, 2021


Monday, November 29

Tutorial: Introduction to Department of Defense Modeling and Simulation 
John Daly, Senior Engineer


Tutorial: Operationalizing Artificial Intelligence: Moving AI from the Lab to the Real World 
Joe Rohner, Director
Cutter Brenton, Director
Courtney Crosby, Chief Technologist

Wednesday, December 1

Published Paper: VR Story-Experiencing: Vivifying Diversity & Inclusion Training for Military Leaders  (this is not an event)
Jason Noren, Instructional Designer 
Jennifer Cameron, Instructional Designer
Matthew H. Koval, Learning Systems Instructional Designer

Paper: Implementing Agile for Training Development to Support Rapid Capability Deployment 
Jennifer Cameron, Instructional Designer

Thursday, December 2

Panel: NMSG and SISO Partnership in Simulation Interoperability Standards Development 
Kenneth "Crash" Konwin, Col, USAF (Ret), Program Manager 

Paper: Modular and Multimodal: Delivering Distributed and Scalable Technical Training 
Jason Noren, Instructional Designer