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A Complex Cyber Landscape Requires a Disruptive Approach

The digital landscape encompassing the federal government, civil agencies, defense, intelligence, and private industry is increasingly connected. To the nation's adversaries, it's one battlespace. It’s big, it’s complex, and it’s expanding. At Booz Allen, we’re combining cross-sector mission understanding, battle-tested approaches, and ready-to-deploy solutions to transform the way the nation tackles cybersecurity. 


Secure Mobility and Automated CSfC Enforcement with District Defend®

Decision makers from the tactical edge to the office rely on secure mobile technology to access classified services. District Defend® is a security platform installed on devices below the operating system that keeps data, devices, and networks secure with intelligent safeguards tailored to enterprise security rules. As part of our NSA-compliant solution, District Defend® automates Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) enforcement to leverage commercial technology for end-to-end security. In the field, this tactical CSfC solution deploys ruggedized servers and devices across multiple networks (Wi-Fi, 5G, satellite, radio) for always-on, zero-trust security at the edge.


Protect Mission and Business Priorities with Zero Trust

Organizations facing cyber threats are embracing zero trust, a security mindset that protects high-value assets in real time. But cybersecurity teams can’t just buy a zero trust architecture at the store. To put zero trust fully into action, teams need to scrutinize an organization’s strengths and challenges and then chart a path to a zero trust architecture. In this way, organizations can turn core zero trust principles—assume a breach; never trust, always verify; allow only least-privileged access—into concrete solutions that support key missions and strategic objectives.


Counter Advanced Cyber Threats with 5G Continuous Monitoring

5G mobile technology will completely transform global telecommunication networks. It will forge bonds between physical and digital devices, reduce costs, generate massive amounts of data, and enable a connected world on an unprecedented scale. What’s more, it will drive federal and defense organizations to expand their ongoing security monitoring activities to the private 5G networks they’re developing for a wide range of missions and use cases. 5G’s changes will also translate to new vulnerabilities and attack vectors. Organizations can build end-to-end continuous monitoring solutions for 5G ecosystems.

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