Accelerate Readiness at WEST 2022

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February 16 – 18, 2022

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As the premier digital integrator for the Department of Defense (DOD), Booz Allen develops industry-leading technology solutions to solve the warfighter’s toughest challenges—today. 

Accelerate Data Analysis with Gamechanger

DOD collects and uses huge amounts of data every day, for a variety of reasons and groups. That data is often stored in different repositories, accessible by different communities, at different security levels. It can change rapidly and be difficult to sift for actionable interpretation, slowing down analysis and decision making.

Gamechanger is a fully developed web application that is fundamentally changing the way DOD navigates its universe of requirements. Gamechanger enables a variety of search, natural language processing (NLP), and knowledge graph use cases, making it easier to search and understand requirements. 

Speed Up Compliance with RMF Automation and Process Streamlining

Complying with the Risk Management Framework’s (RMF) data entry requirements can be a time-consuming and manual process. Holdups can result in delayed deployment of capabilities to warfighters. 

RMF Automation & Process Streamlining is a modular, flexible, practitioner-friendly hosting tool that aids in the automation and execution of RMF cybersecurity reports and tasks. It consists of 14 automation capabilities that enhance speed, accuracy, and integration with the Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service (eMASS). It allows practitioners to expedite development and reduce inefficiencies while maintaining readiness and cyber hygiene.

Streamline Systems Management with Our Digital Engineering Ecosystem

Engineering toolsets available today offer rich sets of valuable data, but managing them is often difficult and time-consuming. They often keep program data behind information barriers, away from decision makers and engineers. 

Booz Allen’s digital engineering ecosystem provides an advanced data platform capable of integrating any tool and its data to unify engineering software, people, and processes within the ecosystem. This ensures that users have an authoritative source of truth, fewer manual processes, and more time to engineer solutions rather than managing them. Projects move faster with data-driven oversight and workflows that allow for accelerated deployment of modern technology to warfighters

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