Recording: How Tech Shapes the Future of Recreation

A panel discussion from the Fast Company Innovation Festival

As COVID-19 has us turning to outdoor recreation, how can we create safe, memorable fresh-air experiences? Learn how digital innovation and crowdsourcing are guiding a safe return—and how wearables are shaping the future of leisure.

This webinar was originally presented at the 2020 Fast Company Innovation Festival. Get a glimpse of tomorrow with us.

What You’ll Learn:

  • New ways visitors are getting to the outdoors safely and efficiently
  • How outdoor retails have adapted to the new normal
  • Technologies that will improve the great outdoors


  • Julie McPherson, Digital Lead at Booz Allen Hamilton and innovation partner
  • Christine Putur, Executive Vice President, Technology and Operations, REI
  • Kristen Holmes, Vice President, Performance, WHOOP
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