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Transforming Air Force Operations

Recruitment and Retention

In order for the Air Force to meet and exceed its mission objectives, it must attract and retain the best and brightest.

Booz Allen is helping—by going into the squadrons, where most Airmen grow their experience—to get a pulse check, asking for personal opinions on what could improve their Air Force experience. That feedback will lay the groundwork for future enlistees, officers, and civilians – it has a total force impact.

To attract the best and brightest personnel, Air Force leadership must adapt—and Booz Allen is helping by communicating the needs of today’s Airmen.

What do they want? It could be anything from offering off-base activities to evolving communication methods. This often means finding ways to integrate mobile technology and new media.

“Younger generations are wired differently. What worked 30 years ago isn’t going to work today,” Scott adds. 

Embracing the Mission

“The Booz Allen team’s support has been phenomenal,” says Frank. “Since these are such critical Air Force missions—and of such significance—there’s an extra level of passion. We’re really trying to help the client make smart budget decisions, create solutions to advance their priorities, and apply best practices.”

This collective effort has a potential cost avoidance in the range of hundreds of millions of dollars, ultimately allowing Air Force leadership the ability to more strategically allocate vital resources.

Most importantly, the client is happy, describing our support as “trusted and instrumental.” And there’s an important business component, too—by working with new entities within the Air Force, we’re continuing to demonstrate that our mission and their mission are one in the same.

Experts in the Field

   This is where ideas take off.

Join us. The world can’t wait.